Fujitsu and XSYS develop MPEG-2 encoder system for prototype in-car digital video system

(PRWEB) February 10, 2001

February 6th 2001. Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has announced that it is working closely with XSYS Interactive Research of Villingen, Germany, on the implementation of Fujitsu’s MPEG-2 encoder in a sophisticated in-car digital video and data distribution system.


Unlike previous-generation analogue systems which were based on copper coaxial cabling, the highly advanced video and data processing developed by XSYS for this application allows the transmission via a digital bus based on plastic optical fibre.


The Fujitsu MB86390 MPEG-2 encoder is one of the industry’s first single-chip solutions for MPEG-2 encoding, including all three key functional elements; video, audio and system multiplexing, in a single IC. An embedded Fujitsu SPARClite CPU controls the complete encoding and multiplexing process. Implementation within a single-chip enables costs to be minimised, allowing the device to meet the particularly cost-sensitive demands of in-car systems.


The MPEG-2 encoder has been proven by XSYS to have exceptionally stable performance in the demanding environmental conditions prevalent within the car, being especially robust against analogue ¬Ďnoise¬í to which MPEG image compression techniques are normally susceptible. The reason for that is the using of smart and sophisticated coding algorithms.


A typical in-car video distribution system, using the MB86390, would consist of TV tuner, MPEG-2 encoder and LCD displays with built-in MPEG decoders.


In order to achieve the typical 320 pixels by 240 lines resolution of LCD displays in such a system with a progressive frame format, it has been shown that a bit-rate of approximately 5Mbit/sec is sufficient, even with noisy TV signals.






In less noisy applications, such as those with in-car cameras as the signal source, the bit rate can be reduced to about 1.5Mbit/sec.


XSYS is a leading German design house specialising in advanced systems for automotive entertainment and communication, including car radios, CD players and navigation systems. A subsidiary company of Harman/Becker, XSYS creates new designs and builds finished prototypes, which are transferred to its parent group for volume production.


Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe is a major supplier of semiconductor products to the European and global market. The company’s main business focus is on providing systems solutions to the networking/telecommunications, mobile communications, automotive and multimedia markets. This integrated solutions approach is supported by a broad range of semiconductor devices, including ATM telecommunications ICs, RF devices, PLLs and SAW filters, microcontrollers and microprocessors, FCRAMs and Flash memory. The company is also a leader in colour plasma display panels.


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