Fujitsu Launches New Generation of 16LX CAN Microcontrollers

(PRWEB) March 8, 2003

Building on broad market acceptance for its superior CAN microcontrollers, Fujitsu has now released a new extension to its 16LX CAN Microcontroller family. The MB90340 series is backed by ten years of experience in the automotive market and features single and dual CAN devices with LIN interfaces and extensive enhanced features.

Fujitsu’s CAN microcontollers are already designed into a wealth of different applications, due to the company’s huge MCU product portfolio being constantly expanded with new technologies. These are in addition to the standard operating temperature range of – 40 to +105°C, Flash memory with 10,000 write/erase cycles, and a security element preventing unauthorised reading of the flash memory contents. Applications include Body Control, Display applications, CAN gateways, Data recorders, Air Conditioning and Central Control Systems.

Customers benefit from a higher internal clock frequency of 24MHz which allows increased processing performance, and the clock modulation which enables improved performance operation without an increase in EMI. An extended supply voltage range is offered which allows the microcontrollers to operate at voltages down to 3.5V, covering voltage drops (which occur, for example, when starting the engine), and securing critical operation conditions.

Fujitsu’s latest MB90340 series is designed in 0.35 micron technology, and follows a platform concept with pin & software compatibility and fully scaleable devices, whereby users can easily interchange from one to another. A wide range of embedded peripherals with various sizes of RAM/ROM is available.

The new design allows a higher level of integration as enhanced features are implemented. These include programmable I/O port levels for automotive, CMOS and TTL levels, an optimised 4 channel LIN USART interface to offer flexible baud rate generation, multi-master modes and SPI interface.

In addition, a wake-up CAN interrupt, embedded Debug Support Unit, Clock Modulator to reduce EMI, up to 24 analogue channels, an increased number of PWMs and Timers, and faster power-on start-up time are also included.

Currently under development are several derivatives of the MB90340 series with one or two CAN Interfaces, I2C bus, and 16 or 24 analogue input channels. The MB90F347 in a 100-pin QFP package with 1 CAN, 128KB Flash and 6KB RAM, and the MB90F342 in 100-pin QFP package with 2 CAN, 256KB Flash and 15.75KB RAM. Devices with 3 CAN interfaces and Flash sizes up to 512KB are planned. I2C variants will also be available. For applications not requiring a subclock, devices with more I/Os can be supplied.

Fujitsu can supply users with evaluation tools and documentation to ensure that they can immediately start development of their applications.


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