Fujitsu Partners with AimCom to Bring World Class Telecommunications Products to Market

Munich (PRWEB) November 10, 2004

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) has signed an agreement to partner with AimCom, a leading edge design and development company specialising in Next Generation Carrier Class Optical Networking, based in The Netherlands.


The partnership will extend FME’s Networking/Telecoms group bringing added expertise in this area, and provide AimCom exclusive manufacturing rights with Fujitsu.


AimCom is part of the AIM group of companies which include AimSys, AimBridges and the mother company AimValley. AimCom has been established for 2 years, having formed when some of the larger telecoms companies were cutting back. It focuses on the development of ASICs and FPGAs, with services ranging from the development and testing of new ASICs to the maintenance of ASICs that have been developed in the past.


Due to the in-house expertise, AimCom is also closely linked to the boards of committees that establish the latest telecommunications standards, which sets it apart and perfectly matches FME’s philosophy of producing world class products.


FME was attracted to AimCom as its relatively small team not only offers a wealth of experience, but because of its size is extremely flexible, and able to adapt to customer requests. Its connection with sister company AimSys also brings added value specifically on applications and systems. The AimCom team perfectly complements FME’s ASIC group, providing extra support to service customer needs.


Theo Muys, managing director of AimCom BV, commented “We are extremely pleased to have formed this partnership with Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe. We are teaming up with a global player and will be fortunate enough to see our products developed in world class fabs. We view this as an extension of our current team and are looking forward to working together on forthcoming projects.”


Dirk Weinsziehr, Senior Director Marketing at FME added, “With AimCom’s expertise in the area of telecommunications, we will be expanding into a rapidly advancing area, which offers growing opportunities for us. The combination of our joint skill set enables us look forward to offering our customers some exciting products over the coming months.”


The first product to be delivered as an outcome of the new partnership will be a system on chip that provides all functions for a hybrid SDH/Sonet and data multiplexer to service the fast growing Ethernet market. The two companies anticipate rolling this device out in Q105.


About Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe


Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) is a major supplier of semiconductor and display products. The company provides advanced systems solutions to the automotive, digital TV, mobile telephony, networking and industrial markets. Engineers from design centres dedicated to microcontrollers, mixed-signal, wireless, FRAM, multi-media ICs and ASIC products work closely with FME’s marketing and sales teams throughout Europe to help satisfy customers’ system development requirements.


This solutions approach is supported by a broad range of advanced semiconductor devices, IP and building blocks as well as leading-edge LCDs and Plasma Display Panels. For more information visit Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe’s website at


About AimCom


AimCom BV is a privately held fabless semiconductor company providing building blocks for Next Generation Optical Networking solutions for delivery of cost-effective SDH and Ethernet services. The company’s products, designed for metro and regional service providers, are full-featured, carrier-class solutions, incorporating advanced optical transport and Ethernet over SDH/Sonet. For more information, please visit



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