Furman Sound Shipping First Export CE Product AC-210 E Video AC Power Conditioner for Plasma, LCD and Projection Televisions

Petaluma, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2005

Furman Sound, Inc., the most widely recognized and trusted name in AC power conditioning, today announced that the company is now shipping it’s highly anticipated AC-210 E Mini-Power Conditioner. This 230 volt version of Furman’s popular AC-215 mini-power conditioner is the company’s first export CE product. Dave Keller, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Furman Sound, made the announcement.


Produced especially for the international consumer electronics marketplace, Furman Sound’s AC-210 E is the ultimate video AC Power Conditioner for plasma, LCD and projection televisions. This compact unit includes hardware for easy installation and is ideal for mounting directly onto the back of a plasma or LCD screen, but also works in any application where discretely-located, remote power purification and protection are needed.


Featuring Furman’s proprietary Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP+), the AC-210 E provides virtually maintenance-free AC surge suppression as well as an Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) feature that protects valuable equipment from dangerous wiring faults. Extreme voltage surges are statistically the most common, damaging AC power event. The AC-210 E’s extreme-voltage shutdown circuit automatically turns off the unit when it is fed 137 volts or higher, protecting itself and connected equipment from extreme voltage. Only Furman offers this degree of protection.


Additionally, the AC-210 E incorporates Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) which dramatically reduces AC noise in a linear fashion, and ensures stunning audio and video clarity and consistent, peak performance from connected equipment. In addition, the AC-210 E boasts zero ground contamination circuitry in order to protect critical video circuits.


In making the announcement, Mr. Keller stated, ¬ďWe are pleased to announce that our first export CE product, the AC-210 E, has begun shipping. The AC-210 E is the 230V version of Furman Sound¬ís popular AC-215 mini-power conditioner and offers unrivaled power purification and unequalled surge protection for the international consumer electronics marketplace. When connecting sensitive equipment to regular power outlets, AC noise masks and distorts critical signal information, which cripples performance and can even harm valuable equipment. This is why it¬ís more important than ever to purify or clean the AC powering your sensitive audio/video equipment.¬Ē


The Furman AC210E is protected by a three year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship and is available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $ 275.00.


About Furman Sound


Furman Sound has been designing, developing, and manufacturing professional electronic products since 1974, and is the world leader in the power conditioning market. Since its inception as the industry’s premiere manufacturer of power conditioning products for the professional music industry, Furman has maintained its place as the industry’s undisputed innovative force and leader while, at the same time, stretching the bounds of technology to provide power purification solutions for a wide range of applications including sound reinforcement, audio/video recording, broadcasting, data processing, telecomm, and home theater. More information about Furman Sound is available at http://www.furmansound.com.


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