GAS 0095: What Does a $460 Album Sound Like?

Nottingham, UK (PRWEB) July 10, 2008

Gas is producer Mat Jarvis, also known for his High Skies project. In 1995, he completed the experimental, electronic ambient album ‘Gas 0095’ for the label Emit. Although now defunct, back in 1995 Emit was a hotbed for experimental music. Mojo Magazine stated that ‘if abstract music has a cutting edge then the Emit label is at it’; whereas Urb Magazine declared ‘Emit will go down in history.the music transcends classification, it’s timeless’.

Emit was a perfect outlet for Mat Jarvis and upon completion, the label released ‘Gas 0095’, 15 tracks that DJ Mag described at the time as ‘the ideal soundtrack to a 20 hour IMAX film on the history of space travel’. This music was not only ground-breaking and experimental, but was produced to the highest standard at the Gas studio in Nottingham. Mixmag called it ‘exotic, perplexing, unusual and cool’ while Melody Maker said that the album ‘takes electronic music on new and uncharted journeysunmissable’.

Now, painstakingly re-mastered at 32 bit/96khz with a luxurious 32db dynamic range, creating a vast cinematic soundscape, it is achingly apparent why the plaudits for ‘Gas 0095’ were so enthusiastic. This is a beautiful, awe-inspiring collection of sounds and music, the importance of which in the evolution of electronic music should not be underestimated.

‘Gas 0095’ has attained cult status (hence the $ 460 price tag). It stands out as a unique piece of work. The track ‘Timestretch’ is a full four minute track, shrunk down into one second of audio. Much speculation has been made as to whether this track can be stretched back again to recover the full version. It currently awaits confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest record ever made, at 84,207 bpm, as does the track ‘Miniscule’ as the shortest track ever made, measured at less than one second long! At the other end of the spectrum, tracks such as ‘Microscopic’, ‘Mathematics and Electronics’ and ‘Discovery’, near or exceed the 10 minute mark, taking the listener on a blissful, inward journey.

‘Gas 0095’ – now re-mastered and re-released provides a new opportunity to properly appreciate a timeless, cult classic.

“Exotic, perplexing, unusual and cool…” Mixmag

“…will be at the forefront of labels offering slot-in brain cards as accessories to the listening experience…personal and brave music” On Mag (hotlist)

“Seductive… brain image circuits run into overdrive on its cool waves of electronic pulses… the ideal soundtrack to a 20 hour IMAX film on the total history of space travel.” DJ Magazine

“…’Microscopic’ introduces you to the Gas world of cinematic deep space electronics, cool, crafted and curvaceous. Melodic, suggestive and mighty strange…” Upfront Magazine

“…However the real monster here is ‘Microscopic’, which is a very emotional journey from deepest space to the higher planes of there, as Sun Ra used to say. One of the most hypnotic and transcendental ambient-house tracks of the year. This is an essential release.” XLR8R Magazine

“…the nano-systems funk of Gas… take electronic music on new and uncharted journeys, playing with conscious hearing and the subconscious ear… unmissable” Melody Maker

“Gas offers the listener music that functions as mental stimulus rather than gentle narcotic… riveting” LA Weekly

“Remarkable strange & beautiful the sound of Isaac Asimov’s robots let loose in a recording studio an album upon which Emit carved its enviable reputation for innovation, quality and subtlety. “the sound of machines crying”. 5/5 Ambient Music Guide

“Escape from New York meets 2001 A Space Odyssey in another green world; pure class.” THE ORB


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