Global Market for Metal Finishing Chemicals to Exceed US$7 Billion by 2010, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 5, 2007

The metal finishing industry is basically classified into four major categories or tiers, keeping in mind their respective environmental performance. All these groups are characterized by individual growth drivers and barriers. Metal finishing chemicals particularly those pertaining to high growth areas including the manufacture of electronic components, printed circuit boards, resistors and semi conductors are expected to perform satisfactorily in the forthcoming years. The fact is amply corroborated by the significant increase in the US electronic shipments.


Europe is estimated to account for the largest share of 29.6% in the metal finishing chemicals market in the year 2007. Sales in United States, the largest regional market until 2004, are projected to decline at a negative growth rate of 5.3% over the analysis period 2003-2010. With a CAGR of about 7.4%, Asia-Pacific is projected to emerge as the fastest growing market for metal finishing chemicals, worldwide. Regional sales are estimated at US$ 1.18 billion in 2007.


Plating Chemicals, with a 57.5% share, are estimated to account for the largest share in the worldwide metal finishing chemicals market during the year 2007, while sales of plating chemicals are estimated at US$ 3.6 billion. Worldwide market for cleaning chemicals is projected to exceed US$ 909 million by 2010. Electronics and Electrical Applications represent the largest end-user in the metal finishing chemicals market, accounting for an estimated 32.5% of the global sales in 2007. Aerospace is projected to register fastest growth of 6.1% over the years 2003 through 2010.


Key players listed in the report include Advanced Chemical Company, Atotech Deutschland GmbH, C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd., Coral Chemical, Enthone-OMI, Elementis Chromium, Houghton International Inc., Lonza Group, Lonza Inc., MacDermid Inc., McGean Specialty Chemicals Group, Metal Coatings International Inc., and Quaker Chemical Corporation


“Metal Finishing Chemicals: A Global Strategic Business Report” published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., analyzes the global market with hard-to-find data and analytics for key regional markets such as the United States, Europe and others, alongside up and coming markets such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The report provides a comprehensive review of market trends and issues, drivers, business profile, players, competitive landscape, recent developments, mergers, acquisitions, alliances, product launches and other strategic industry activities. Analytical estimates and projections are presented in terms of annual sales in US$ over the years 2003 through 2010. Long-term projections have been presented for the years 2011 through 2015. Historic data is also provided for an insight into market evolution over the period 1993-2002. Product groups independently analyzed include Plating Chemicals, Conversion Coatings, Cleaning Chemicals, and Proprietary Additives & Others. End-use segments independently analyzed include Electronics and Electrical, Aerospace, Motor Vehicle Equipment, Industrial Machinery, and Others.


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