HAMMOND 1553T enclosures – keyboard and display in your hand

In the Hammond 1553 enclosures series now can be found also types with a sufficient space for a keyboard and display.
Series of ergonomic handheld enclosures – 1553is familiar to many of you. All types from this series provide a reliable grip thanks to a pleasant side overmold, they feature the same shape and they´re available in various sizes. That´s why, it is possible to choose the type exactly bespoken to your requirements. However there was a limitation, if you wanted to use a relatively large keyboard and a spacious display.
keyboard and display

Advantages / Features:

  1. ergonomic hand-held enclosures
  2. sufficient space for a keyboard and display
  3. made of flame retardant ABS UL94-V0 class
  4. brass bushings
  5. also available with a battery compartment
  6. battery contacts included
  7. contains 1 or 2 end panels
  8. designed to meet IP54
  9. light grey RAL 7035 or black RAL 9011
  10. complete with screws

This problem is solved by the novelty – 1553T series. It provides a sufficient space for a keyboard and display and at the same time, it is somewhat thicker than other types of 1553 series, what enables to use several PCBs stacked on each other. That´s why, the 1553T series is ideal for various hand-held instrumentation, controllers, data capture and similar applications. The display and keyboard areas are recessed, what provides an additional protection (suitable also for membrane keyboards). 1553T enclosures are available in a black and a light-grey version and also with the battery compartment (battery contacts are included). Removable end panels (1 or 2 depending on version) enable easy modification and a trouble-free usage of connectors, IR components and other. From a hand-held device, we naturally expect a higher dust and water resistance, what 1553T series with IP54 protection meets sufficiently. Last but not least – a relatively robust construction from a flame retardant ABS plastic and brass bushings give an assumption of a long lifetime and durability.
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