HAMMOND 1553TT – keyboard and display even for women´s hands

Series Hammond 1553 handheld enclosures has sprawled out with smaller relations.
Handheld enclosures of the 1553T series with a sufficient space for a keyboard and a display was introduced to you in our recent article HAMMOND 1553T enclosures – keyboard and display in your hand. Enclosure 1553T is ideal for many relatively bigger devices, but probably there will be many applications, for which the 1553T is a little bit too big.

keyboard and display even for women´s hands

That´s why company Hammond enriched this series with smaller types – „TT“, i.e. 1553TT. Version TT has practically the same features like the „T“ version, but it is in about 4,5 cm shorter (and proportionally smaller are also other dimensions). A few centimeters difference maybe doesn´t seem to be big but in result it is a substantially smaller enclosure, which sits in hands excellently. The difference in sizes is best illustrated in attached pictures.
That´s why, thanks to smaller dimensions is the TT version suitable even for devices with smaller displays and with smaller demands for inner space of an enclosure. Also 1553TT series is available in a black and a light-grey color and also without or with a battery compartment. Because of smaller dimensions, the TT version has a space for only 2pcs of AA batteries, what is adequate, as smaller devices are supposed to be less power demanding. All 4 versions are incorporated into our stable stock offer, detailed drawings, including 3D views can be found in datasheets at particular types. On the Hammond website, you can also find CAD files and 3D models.
For more detail: HAMMOND 1553TT – keyboard and display even for women´s hands

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