Healing Hands Puerto Vallarta Includes Ancient Tarpana Treatment During Ayurvedic Panchakarma: Save 20% off of Any Booking of Panchakarma

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Tarpana is an ancient healing ceremony focused on releasing relationship constraining thoughts that empowers participants to become active co-creators of their lives. By releasing trapped emotions stored in the cellular system, Healing Hands engages with participants through the therapeutic process of Tarpana during a four handed Marama Point massage. Call Healing Hands today and save 20% off of any booking of Panchakarma.


Once a highly charged exchange within a relationship has occurred, emotions become embedded in the bodily cellular structure. A person tends to address the issue by dealing with it but in reality, the sentiments are merely stored in soft tissue, which inevitably surface in the future. The cells and memory are thereby stimulated and send a message to the brain. Healing Hands assists in releasing cellular anger, resentment, sadness, guilt and loss from past relations.


During the process of Tarpana, emotions are replaced with understanding, compassion and grace. As forgiveness is attained, the participant is encouraged to leave the experience behind and no longer carry the negativity as baggage. The overall effect is that of centering, grounding and a reconnection with family roots.


While Ayurvedic practices embrace foods, herbs, oils and lifestyle as crucial healing modalities, it also acknowledges that the sense of inter connectedness may be a most powerful factor toward well-being. By freeing the being from adverse thoughts associated with relationships, Tarpana facilitates the connect factor. Tarpana is a liberating, cleansing therapy, as it delivers for the mind and the emotions what Panchakarma gains for the body.



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