How to Use the Blynk App on IoT Board(Nucleo)

I know STMicroelectronics Nucleo platform for IoT. Recently W5500 Ethernet shield will be announced by WIZnet.

So I implemented a firmware of Nucleo board by Ethernet SW modification because I can handle a source code easily. You can know the status of equipment even if it is so far. Please refer to the following step.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Please refer to the following.

1. Nucleo board

2. W5500 Ethernet shield

3. Easy Module shield

4. LAN cable

5. USB cable

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Please connect an LAN cable and USB cable

You can get more HW info by the following site.

Step 3: Prepare Development Environment

1. Install GNU Toolchain

2. Install CoIDE

3. Insert your path to Menu->Project->Select Toolchain Path

4. Install ST-Link/V2 Driver

Step 4: Introduction of W5500 Chip

Driver source

Step 5: Introduction of Blynk Platform

Step 6: Software

I uploaded CoIDE project.

You can download this project file. And then import project into CoIDE. After compile, you can run control operation through Blynk platform.

Source: How to Use the Blynk App on IoT Board(Nucleo)

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