Impresario Signs Veteran Electronics Marketer as Partner and Head of Marketing and Public Relations

Sherman Oaks, California (PRWEB) June 21, 2006

Impresario, specialists in high technology marketing, advertising and public relations, today announced it has added veteran electronics marketer John Mazzaferro to its roster as Partner and Marketing Director.


Mr. Mazzaferro has twenty years of domestic and international experience in designing, developing, marketing and promoting high-technology products and services with such firms as IBM, Canoga Perkins, Sonoma Systems (now Nortel), Xylan Corporation (now Alcatel), Racal-Datacom, Applied Micro Computer Circuits, Ascom Networks, In-Net, ICOT, Bell South, Verizon, Micom Communications, Infotron Systems, Digilog, Northern Telecom and Spectron Corporation.


He has held positions in corporate management, corporate communications, product line management, engineering, marketing and technical sales. His background includes voice/data switches, routing, Token-Ring, 10/100/1000 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI/CDDI, Fibre Channel, ATM, wireless data communications/WiFi, DWDM/CWDM, T-1/T-3, E-1/E-3, OC-3c/OC-12c/OC-48c, X.25, protocol converters and modems, disaster recovery, network extension, RAID, network processors, telephony/POTS, SMDS/Frame Relay, xDSL, fiber optics, cable TV hybrid networks, IBM mainframes and mid-range systems and SNMP/RMON/RMON II network management systems.


Mr. Mazzaferro has been a speaker at various international and domestic commercial and military symposiums, trade shows and users groups. In addition, he has published a variety of research reports, technology related books and technical articles in many magazines and journals worldwide.


His research reports and book titles include Wireless Data Communications, FDDI Technology Overview, IBMs LU 6.2/SAA, IBM Networking Strategy, FDDI II Overview, Token-Ring Networks, FDDI vs. ATM, Broadband Communications Systems, LAN Network Operating Systems, ATM/SONET Technology Primer and IBM Communications Products for the 1990s. His book entitled FDDI Technology Overview went into a second printing and was distributed in 124 countries in eight languages and his Wireless Data Communications book won an Award of Achievement from the Society for Technical Communication.


His technical feature articles appeared in publications such as EE Times, Communications News, Test & Measurement World, Microwave Systems News, Lightwave, Occupational Health & Safety, TeleProfessional, Telecommunications, TeleMarketing, Data Communications Trainer, Government Computer News and Space and Satellite Technology, The Journal of Data Communications, Auerbach, DataPro, Warren Gotham Lamont, and Computer Technology Research Corporation.


Mr. Mazzaferro has been a speaker at many technical symposiums, trade shows and seminars including: Interop+NetWorld, AFCEA, Network Management/Technical Control Conference, BayVAX, FiberTour, C3I and C4I, FCC, Pacific Telecommunications Conference, ComNet and DEXPO.


Arnold Zelonka, Founder and Creative Director of Impresario, stated, Having someone of Johns caliber from the client/industry side join Impresario will make us a much stronger organization and greatly enhance our technical capabilities.


John Mazzaferro, Partner and Marketing Director for Impresario, said In my past positions as head of marketing for electronics companies I had always searched for advertising and public relations firms with a strong technical presence that could understand my products and services and never found what I was after. I intend to bring that technical understanding to Impresario and speak to clients in their language and at their level.


About Impresario


The organization now known as Impresario Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising was founded in 1982 by President and Creative Director Arnold Zelonka, a former member of iconic advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and N.W. Ayer, to offer creative solutions to the emerging data communications and electronics industries. Since that time the organization has been in continuous business, in various iterations, helping emerging and established high technology companies grow their business.


Impresario has kept stride with the ever-changing high tech marketing world by continually adding industry recognized team members who can implement the legacy components as well as provide the cutting edge and forward thinking diverse marketing solutions that comprise creativity in promoting todays new high tech company image. Impresarios creative philosophy is to combine these new ideas, the brighter elements of design discipline, with the proven conceptual principals of legacy advertising to form a new breed of high technology promotion. This unique combination provides personality and general appeal to intrinsically impersonal products.


Impresarios forte is giving smaller high technology clients a Fortune 500 presence and a friendly consumer-type look. The net result is measurably increased corporate awareness and sales. Impresario specializes in highly creative multimedia advertising including electronic and hardcopy collateral materials, Website development including search engine listing, content creation and testing and corporate identity promotion including public relations, white papers, 3rd party articles and case studies, and as a source for primary and secondary research including competitive analysis for high technology clients.


For more information about Impresario, contact us at (818) 528-2065, or e-mail us at [email protected] or visit our Website at


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