Intercept Technology Expands Global Reach

Somerset, NJ (PRWEB) July 22, 2004

The Intercept Technology Group (ITG) Inc. formally admitted three new companies into its organization recently. These three companies are RJ Hanlon Company, Inc. of Cicero, IN; Tec-Hub Pte Ltd. of Singapore; and COMPTrade GmbH of Germany. Their addition to the ITG helps bring the benefits of Intercept TechnologyTM to an increasingly global audience.

Intercept Technology is a multi-functional, fourth generation anti-corrosive, electro-static discharge protective packaging system – invaluable for today’s micro-electronics and mixed metallic and organic constructions. This revolutionary packaging technology, invented by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovation, uses copper permanently bonded with a packaging’s plastic matrix as a sacrificial anode to remove corrosive gases from within the packaging atmosphere. Intercept Technology meets all global emissions standards by being non-chemical emitting. Intercept’s multi-functional properties allow it to protect nearly all items, from circuit boards to helicopters, under nearly all environmental conditions and for many years. And the value of Intercept’s elimination of corrosive gases proves more essential with increasing electronics production occurring in China, an area found to contain corrosive gas concentration of up to 500% than that found in North America.

Intercept Technology recently has expanded its product offering to include new Intercept Technology inks, coatings, and outdoor fabrics. These innovations lower the cost of Intercept and bring the benefits of anti-corrosive packaging protection to even low-cost items.

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