Kaleidoscope Sponsors Social Innovation Fellowship in India

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

Kaleidoscope Inc., a strategic product development and design firm, is sponsoring a 10-month fellowship that aims to bring far-reaching change to India. The program pairs design professionals from the corporate sector with community-based non-profits to create and implement socially innovative solutions that will help relieve poverty, promote health and bolster education. Fellows live and work side by side with their host organizations and the consumers they are serving.

Fellowship training began November 27, 2011, in India, with six fellows from four countries Colombia, India, Ireland, and the US. The program was developed by Ramsey Ford and Kate Hanisian of Design Impact, a non-profit organization with a mission to develop life-improving solutions in low-income rural communities around the world.

Our fellowship is unique compared to other design programs focused on the social sector. Fellows are fully immersed in the culture of the communities they are serving, said Hanisian.

Projects being developed by the fellows include: a cooking system designed to improve indoor air quality, a nutrition program to improve diet and access to clean water, job training and education for adults, educational opportunities for children, and bicycle inventions.

With the support of Kaleidoscope, Design Impact has already successfully launched two other programs in India, including development of a charcoal briquette cooking system to promote indoor air quality and fair-trade soap manufacturing that provides income to women and farmers in rural India.

Kaleidoscope has been a major part of Design Impact since its inception and is the primary sponsor of the program. The fellowship represents opportunities to create life-improving solutions that address pressing issues in our global society, said Matt Kornau, CEO of Kaleidoscope. The fellows are pioneers and social innovators who have the capacity to improve lives through design. Their work will make a difference not only in communities where they are now, but also for future generations.

The fellowship also bridges a gap between the corporate sectors interest in innovating design solutions and a desire to support social change. Right now there is a lot of research capital being invested in gaining deep consumer knowledge in emerging markets, but these firms arent in the trenches, living alongside their consumer, said Kornau. Design Impact fellows are truly embedded in the culture of the communities they are serving. This approach will enable them to truly address human need while also discovering highly sought-out consumer insights.

DI fellows have full access to the Kaleidoscope staff of researchers, designers, engineers, and other specialists to support their goals.

About Kaleidoscope Inc.

Founded in 1989, Kaleidoscope is a socially responsible strategic product development and design firm dedicated to leveraging expertise in product development, brand engagement and entrepreneurial innovation. The company helps its partners become global leaders by providing a spectrum of design services from product inception through to manufacturing. Kaleidoscope is located in Cincinnati, New York City, Long Island, Detroit, Miami, Indianapolis, and China.


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