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Shingle Springs, CA (PRWEB) November 16, 2005

Single Springs, CA November 16, 2005

PDR-America and Thermalogix, Inc. have joined forces to provide rework systems with the most accurate temperature delivery and monitoring in the marketplace today.

ThermaLogix provides its recently introduced and technically advanced non-contact sensor,the TL-75.

PDR-Americas proven IR technology is in the forefront when it comes to reworking micro-sized components prevalent in the lead free environment.

While many “make do” methods are being used to provide accurate temperature control, such as visually monitoring the solder at reflow or attempting to tack thermocouples to the PCB, they all rely somewhat on the user’s skill or intervention. PDR-America has moved a step forward by now offering ThermaLogixs unique non-contact pyrometer.

ThermaLogix TL-75 Series pyrometers measure the average temperature of just the target rather than measuring spill over areas adjacent to the target. In rework applications this means the TL-75 can accurately measure the temperatures of components as small as 2mm during both placement and removal. The TL-75s integrated LED alignment beam illuminates the target, but unlike a LASER the TL-75 does not need a caution label.

The TL-75s operator safe alignment beam also makes taking precise temperature measurements easy. The TL-75s visible LED beam illuminates only the area to be measured. Rework professional can, with confidence and precision, know what area is actually being measured without having to calculate the distance from the target to the sensor (D:S Ratio).

The tight temperature control now possible with this instrument ensures that time/temperature ramp rates are accurate and the rework process repeatable.

By combining ThermaLogixs patented thru-the-lens sighting with PDRs patented focused IR rework systems, a new standard of controlled rework has emerged.

The new Lead Free Soldering challenge has mandated that higher rework temperatures become commonplace. To further complicate matters, small variances in temperature accuracy can lead to catastrophic results, exhibited by component failure, PCB de-lamination, etc. Never before has the need for accurate temperature sensing and controlled temperature delivery systems been more apparent than in Lead Free Rework!

PDRs focused Infrared rework accuracy is achieved via two closed loop temperature feedback circuits. They are for the PCB and the component. Feedback measurements are taken real-time and take into consideration changes in the rework environment such as ambient temperature conditions, etc… Both component and PCB (top/bottom) IR heat is applied according to feedback from fast response sensors. Auto-profile software is a true auto-profile software due to real-time feedback provided by the fast response sensors.

Unlike conventional black IR or hot air rework methods, PDRs patented technology and low mass component IR radiator provide close to zero lag time when component heating requirements follow a degrees per second change requirement as used in rework profiles.

PDR-America is proud to offer this new combination of technical excellence with all PDR model IRX-410Vi systems at no additional cost. Thats a savings of US$ 2,000.00.

This is a limited time offer. Some restrictions may apply.

For additional information contact PDR-America at USA 916 267-1895 or via

Email at [email protected]. You may also visit us at


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