Kodiak Networks Announces Bell Mobility Has Selected Kodiak InstaPoC(TM) and the Availability of Downloadable Blackberry and Android Push-to-Talk App Clients

Plano, TX (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

Kodiak Networks, a leader in Mobile Communication technologies, announces today that it has been chosen by Bell Mobility, the fastest and most-advanced wireless provider in Canada, to provide Kodiak InstaPoC for Bells next generation Push-to-Talk (PTT) platform. Kodiak also announces the availability of Android and Blackberry downloadable clients for its InstaPoC solution. InstaPoC is based on the PoCv2.0 standard and provides sub-second Push-to-Talk call set up on downloadable clients and embedded devices.

Kodiaks downloadable Android and Blackberry clients are fully featured and provide advanced functionality to meet the increased demands of todays smartphone users. Leveraging the rapid adoption of smartphones, the downloadable nature of the client allows for a greater ecosystem of available devices for PTT. Additionally, the client allows for simultaneous voice and data.

I believe Bells decision to partner with Kodiak was driven by three factors: Kodiaks PTT innovation leadership, application experience and our commitment to evolve the platform to meet Bells customers needs. Kodiaks InstaPoC technology and our product roadmap made their choice quite straightforward, said John Vice, President and CEO of Kodiak Networks.

Sub-second latency and call setup, combined with downloadable and embedded clients on market leading smartphones will make Bell Mobility the Canadian market leader in PTT, said Bruce Lawler, Kodiak Networks CMO. Downloadable PTT also allows Bells customers to take advantage of the latest business applications and productivity tools that run on Android and Blackberry smartphones. In addition to smartphones, InstaPoC will be deployed on embedded ruggedized phones, allowing Bell to offer the most diverse and robust PTT solution on the market.

As the first PoC v2.0 compliant offering in the Canadian market, Kodiaks InstaPoC is built with application interoperability in mind. Aligning to the OMA POC v2.0 standard will allow Bell easier deployment of new handsets, PTT accessories and 3rd party vendors applications. Many businesses require integration of workforce management, navigation applications etc. with their PTT systems. Kodiaks adherence to the PoC v2.0 standard creates an open environment in which this can be achieved.

Primary features of InstaPoC as deployed in Bells network:

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