Kupa Hosted Another Exciting Demo Event for X11, its Latest Windows Based Pen + Touch Tablet Computer in Los Angles, CA

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 09, 2011

Kupa hosted another successful demo event for X11, its latest Windows 7 based pen + touch, 10 hour battery life, 128 GB SSD tablet computer on Sep 8th in Los Angeles, CA. Kupa staff showed how user can attach external high sensitivity GPS unit to X11 to geotag data, scanning inventories using a barcode reader while working on an Excel spreadsheet all at the same time. Several visitor used X11 to take a picture of the event, geotag the picture, hand wrote some notes on the picture and emailed it to themselves, a process that could easily adapted to their work flow and increased productivity.


Visitors were also impressed with X11’s hardware versatility with many USB connected devices such as RFID reader, barcode scanner and even microscope video camera, something could not be done with non Windows 7 based tablet like Apple’s Ipad or Android based tablets. One user commented: “Why would I want to use a water-downed version of Adobe Photoshop App on Apple’s Ipad when I could actually use the full version of Adobe Photoshop on X11?”. Another user who practice patent law declared that finally a tablet computer that is made for business users and not just a toy.


Kupa X11 is the next generation Windows based table PC with pen + touch dual input system, 10 hours battery life and many unique features that are not found in current tablet computers:



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