The LMD-401 is a low power narrow band synthesized transceiver with GFSK modulation, designed for use in the North American ISM licensed band

Saelig Company, Inc. has announced the Circuit Design LMD-401 RF Transceiver Module for industrial applications, which is certified to FCC Part 90 in the USA and ISED RSS-119 in Canada.  The LMD-401, a successor to the successful LMD-400-R, is a compact integrated module with the long-range transmission and excellent interference rejection characteristics demanded for today’s battery-operated radio equipment. The LMD-401 is pin- and performance-compatible with the LMD-400-R, but provides reduced current consumption and a greater operating temperature range. Users can set operating frequencies in 12.5kHz steps within the 458MHz to 462.5MHz band, now with improved RF output flatness up to 10mW. Receiver performance includes superior interference rejection characteristics that meet the highest European EN300220 receiver standard, category 1.

The LMD-401 is designed to have low spurious emissions and excellent interference rejection capabilities, with sensitivity to -116dBm. Users can expect stable operation, even in a site where multiple radio units are being operated simultaneously.  All high frequency circuits are enclosed inside a robust housing to provide exceptional resistance against shock and vibration. Using a TCXO as the reference oscillator circuit ensures high frequency stability over a wide temperature range.

This simple, compact and low power transceiver is designed for embedding in user equipment and is suitable for low power industrial telecontrol and telemetry applications requiring high performance and reliability. Applications include industrial remote control, telemetry, remote monitoring, security, data acquisition, SCADA, etc.


  • FCC Part 90 and ISED RSS119 certified
  • 12.5kHz channel spacing Narrow band FM
  • High receiver sensitivity with double super-heterodyne receiver circuit
  • Superior receiver performance (EN300220 category 1 receiver equivalent)
  • 4800bps data rate
  • Transparent data interface:  simple and easy serial data interface allowing use of user-specific protocols
  • Operating voltage: 3.0 to 5.5 V (typ. 46mA / TX, 36mA / RX)
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +65degC

The LMD-401 RF transceiver is made by Circuit Design, Inc., a leading Japanese supplier of low-power radio modules, highly rated for their quality and performance. Their products are in use worldwide in industrial remote control, telemetry, monitoring systems, tracking systems, drones, etc.  The LMD-401 is available now from CDI’s US technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc.


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