MCCI Releases Complete USB Software Solution for Android

Ithaca, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) March 23, 2011

MCCI Corporation, the worlds leading developer of USB connectivity to the mobile phone and portable device industry, today announced the availability of the MCCI USB DataPump for Android. The Android DataPump includes MCCI’s USB 2.0 host and device products, which have been deployed in over 700 million products in the past five years. Portable across processors, USB cores, and operating systems, the DataPump has been validated on Android 2.2 (Froyo). The DataPump can be optimized to maximize data throughput on practically all hardware platforms, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Native USB support in Android can sometimes be an adequate solution, depending on the product developers feature requirements and available resources. However, MCCIs USB DataPump distinguishes itself in terms of improved performance, a leading edge roadmap, and the presence of support teams world-wide, explains MCCIs CEO Terry Moore. It is not always feasible for product developers to use a free solution, be it open source or sourced from another group in the same company. Product planners still drive the feature roadmap. Engineers must still optimize performance and ODMs and platform vendors need to deliver support to their global customers. MCCI will continue to meet the needs of these groups, be it USB for Android or for proprietary operating systems.

In addition to the MCCI USB DataPump, an embedded USB device and host software stack, MCCI offers host drivers for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux personal computers. This includes networking class NCM for high performance networking and the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Driver, which supports not only product development but also application installation via a USB cable. Extending MCCIs product offering is a worldwide support team, experienced in complex system integration on a variety of platforms.


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