Micro Digital Inc Releases smxFFS v2

Costa Mesa, California (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

It has been completely redesigned to use very little RAM, yet support very large flash devices, up to 256TB. It is suitable for small SoCs with only on-chip memories. Its RAM footprint is only 2KB, plus 2KB per open file (for 512 byte sector or page size), and does not depend on flash size. Its ROM requirement is also small, only 20KB for the whole API. The design has a few reasonable limitations to achieve this small footprint. Additional RAM and ROM are needed for the flash drivers; see the note below.

smxFFS v2 supports NAND and NOR flash. It can share flash with smxFS, smxFLog, boot code, and application code. The API is the standard C library API (fopen(), fread(), etc.), extended with functions to support long file names, subdirectories, and other services. The new API and other characteristics make it more consistent with smxFS, our FAT file system, than v1. Although integrated with the SMX

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