Micro/sys Releases the First StackableUSB Host Microcontroller

Montrose, California (PRWEB) December 10, 2008

Micro/sys continues to lead the way in StackableUSB product development with its release of the first Host microcontroller equipped with the cutting-edge StackableUSB architecture. In an embedded world where space is a vanishing luxury, this new USB1032 industrial-grade microcontroller allows OEMs to fit their control system within a mere 1.85″ x 1.78″ footprint, which is one-quarter the size of the 104 Form Factor. Powered by the Microchip PIC32, the USB1032 provides 125 DMIPS performance while using only 100mA of power. This creates the perfect solution for applications needing more performance than a typical microcontroller without the burden of additional space and power that would be required for a single-board computer.

Although tiny in size, the USB1032 offers a wealth of features. The 80MHz system clock, 512 KB flash, 32KB SRAM of memory, and onboard RS232 transceiver provide design engineers the appropriately-matched support and throughput for their embedded system. Additional features include a 10-bit ADC, eight (8) programmable LEDs, digital I/O, and the PIC32’s easy-to-use and solidly supported software tools. These features provide easy development and shorter time-to-market. The USB1032 offers industrial OEMs all the functions they have come to expect from their CPUs, but in a more compact, power-efficient board that offers -40

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