Miniature Serial Device Server from Tibbo Technology

(PRWEB) April 21, 2004

Tibbo Technology launched shipments of its new EM202 Serial Device Server. EM202 is an Ethernet module that allows connecting any serial device to the Ethernet network (TCP/IP, Internet) quickly and at lowest costs. At the same time the device firmware doesn’t need to be updated, and required modifications of the hardware are reduced to the minimum.

One of the basic advantages of the new product is compactness: all electronics of EM202 is encased into a small body shaped as a standard RJ-45 connector sized 32x19x16 mm. The module is mounted on serial device PCB. It doesn’t require any external components, since the 100BaseT Ethernet port (including RJ-45 connector, magnetics, and even LED indicators) is placed inside the module. A serial TTL interface can be connected directly to the serial port of most microcontrollers and microprocessors.

Key features:

-Connects serial devices to Ethernet (TCP/IP, Internet)

-Transparent duplex data routing between serial and LAN interfaces

-Four programmable I/O pins

-Supports TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, and DCHP protocols

-Lots of easily configurable settings

-Access control functions for changing configuration and data transfer

-Device can be configured both via the network and through the serial port

-Firmware upgradeable, including network updates

-Supplied with Device Server Toolkit software

-Virtual Serial Port drivers for Windows and Linux

-Low EMI, CE and FCC-approved

-EM202 can be used for network-enabling any serial devices, such as:

-Data collection & security terminals

-Access Control Terminals

-Security Devices

-Time Recorders

-Auto-ID Scanners

-Electronic Signboards

-POS Systems

-Low-cost educational systems

-Vending Machines

-Laboratory instruments

-Serial printers

-PBX Stations

-Remote Sensors & Meters

-and many others…

Read more about EM202 Serial Device Server at the Tibbo Technology official web site:

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