miniSpartan6, another Spartan 6 Kit

miniSpartan6 is an Opens Source FPGA starter kit that I designed and built based on other open source kits such as Papilio Pro and XuLA2.
It is designed around Spartan 6 chip from Xilinx and it has on board JTAG programmer based on FT2232D from FTDI.

miniSpartan6, another Spartan 6 Kit


  • Spartan 6 LX9
  • SDRAM  of 32 MByte
  • SPI Flash of 8 MBit
  • 36 I/O
  • USB to UART  link
  • USB JTAG on board
  • 8 LEDS connected to the FPGA
  • 4 DIP switches connected to the FPGA

The board size is 1.6″ x 2.9″.
The miniSpartan6 is built to combine the advantages of both Papilio Pro and XuLA2. It is breadboard friendly like XuLA2 and it has the features of  Papilio Pro.  In addition, it has on board LEDs and switches. This will help beginners immediately start their first projects without any need for shields or wires.
For more detail: miniSpartan6, another Spartan 6 Kit

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