Model Scam Hits La Mode London – The Model Advice Specialists Warn models To Be on Their Guard

London, UK, 11th May 2012 (PRWEB UK) 11 May 2012

La Mode London tries to prevent another model getting scammed by supplying further detail on fraudulent behaviour.

At the forefront of the modelling industry, modelling advice specialists La Mode London heard about a scam doing the circuit, but its not until now that one of their clients have actually been involved.

‘Thankfully, our client contacted us first to confirm some details, before parting with any of her hard earned cash,’ says Helen. ‘But this was a very close call.’ The director for the commercial photography company explains all.

The latest modelling scam involves cold calling, or, in this particular case, messages by email directly to the model. Either a bogus model agency or modelling photographer will contact a model directly and explain, in a very believable way, who they are. This time La Mode were targeted. The email came through ‘student job’, by someone under the name of Sarah Graham.

‘These names can change,’ warns Helen. ‘We’ve heard about this scam before. In the previous instance, models have received emails from someone called Lewis Rodwell. The names can change but the scam stays the same. Basically, these people offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, in the case for our client recently, the job involved her image being accepted by ‘La Model London’ as one of a few who have been chosen for an electronic billboard advertisement in Gatwick airport. She was assured a cheque would arrive, this time from Spain, for a potential four figure sum.

‘Our client was advised to bank the cheque when it arrived, a sum of between

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