Mvix and Jewell Technical Consulting Enter Into a System-Integrator Partnership

Chantilly, VA (PRWEB) March 26, 2012

Jewell Technical Consulting (JTC Inc.), a leading provider of technology-based business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the metropolitan DC area, has entered into a partnership with Mvix to provide its customers with state-of-the-art digital signage systems and visual communication solutions. Specializing in advanced business systems integration, data security and media development, JTCs growth strategy includes foray into newer, innovative technologies such as digital signage, and interactive visual communication systems.


Founded in 1998, JTC Inc. is a total technology solutions provider offering a wide range of technical services such as LAN and WAN architecture, desktop support, on-site and remote engineering services, web and open source development, and media production. Built upon its partnerships with world-class companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco, JTC has grown from an organization focused on providing unparalleled IT services support, to offering its customers a complete range of business solutions.


Mvix digital signage systems are being used with large, flat-panel HD LCDs and large monitors for dynamic signage, digital menu boards, way-finding, vendor showcasing, employee communication and brand promotion across various industry verticals. The high-definition signage systems are accessible remotely, over a simple web-based interface, which makes them a compelling, dynamic visual communication platform for corporate offices, retail locations, clinics, production facilities, hospitals, hotels or any counter-service business. Designed to enable enterprises to cost-efficiently deploy digital signage network with consistent performance, the Mvix Signage Platform helps organizations establish resilient, scalable and robust network while leveraging its cloud-based digital signage content management systems.


In search for low-cost, stable and energy-efficient signage platforms for its clients, JTC, Inc. extensively tested multiple digital signage systems across the industry and finally adopted Mvixs digital signage platform. Digital signage is now acknowledged as one of the most cost effective and stylish methods of visual communication all over the world. It is designed to draw consumers’ attention, to promote brands, and to enhance the consumer’s experience at client locations. Mvix signage systems were just the perfect fit in our operations. They work on solid-state storage and are highly reliable. These units are low cost, easy to install and extremely user friendly, said RJ Jewell, Director of Media at JTC, Inc.


Mvixs solid-state signage controllers are priced significantly lower than PC-based solutions and play a key role in keeping the cost of the digital signage systems very affordable. These embedded signage systems have an industrial-grade architecture with no moving parts, providing highly reliable 24/7 operation. “JTC had been searching for a reliable solution to lobby displays for quite some time, then we discovered MVIX. We are using several different MVIX digital signage products in 24/7 environments without experiencing any system failures. Their online administrator tools are easy to use and allow us to control a large number of displays from one central location. The MVIX solution fits perfectly with our business model of remote management.” said John Jewell, President of JTC, Inc.


The affordable pricing structure and intuitive, hassle-free content management system is at the core of Mvix Digital Signage platform. We are proud of this system integration partnership with JTC. stated Mark Shoe, Marketing Director at Mvix. Were excited to be partners with JTC. System integration is a big piece of digital signage implementation. We believe JTCs expertise will help customers with training, signage network implementation and on-going support. Implementation of signage network via certified partners like JTC, allows clients to appreciate the comprehensive capabilities of our systems that can help improve communications and messaging in their businesses, while contributing to the bottom line as a cost-effective, robust solution.”


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