New EHR Technology Drives Best Outcomes by Automating Chronic Treatments

Owensville, KY (PRWEB) February 13, 2012

The Health Care Incentives Institute awarded Jeremy Bradley, MD, The Bridges to Excellence Diabetes (BTE) Recognition Award, for excellence in Chronic Diabetes Management. The Bridges to Excellence program recognizes and rewards clinicians who meet evidence-based performance measures and deliver superior patient care. The national program places a special emphasis on managing patients with chronic conditions, who are most at risk of incurring potentially avoidable complications. The BTE award is considered to be among the most prestigious for its class in the country.


“We are incredibly honored to have won the BTE award,” says Jeremy Bradley, MD, from his rural Kentucky Family Practice. “I want to share the winning credit with the EMR running my office- Praxis EMR. Praxis not only handles my many variants of diabetes, but it literally automates all of my chronic patients. The system is easy, fast, and has the best practice guidelines in medicine today. Praxis EMR has transformed my practice.”


The key difference between Praxis EMR and all of the other ‘template-based’ EMRs available today is its ability to adapt to each provider rather than forcing the provider to adapt to it. With Praxis, doctors are not forced to use rigid templates to document patient encounters. “It was Praxis ability to learn my own protocols instead of requiring me to conform to pre-made templates that has enabled my medical quality and patient care to consistently improve. As a result, my profitability has increased as well. “By adopting the best EHR technology I could find, I not only achieved my initial goal of improving primary care to an underserved community, but I also, lessened the workload and frustration for myself and my staff, and reaped financial rewards,” added Doctor Bradley.


Praxis EMR is based on a unique artificial intelligence technology, called Concept Processing that learns from each user to chart progressively faster and smarter. In essence, the user becomes both the teacher and student of the medical record. The latest Praxis Version 5 features discrete data embedded within free text that automatically populates laboratory and clinical parameters as the chart is generated. The chart is also linked to practice guidelines that alert the physician to any practice advisory for that patient. Praxis is very powerful and unique technology, says Doctor Bradley. Every day, I become a better doctor.”


About Bridges to Excellence (BTE)

The Bridges to Excellence mission is to help the best clinicians in the country build their practices, help patients get healthier, and help insurers and employers manage costs better. BTE programs are administered by the Health Care Incentives Institute and designed around three key lessons gained from research and experience. First, its critical to measure what matters mostthe handful of indicators that have truly significant clinical and financial impact. Second, clinicians who follow those quality measures will consistently provide better care at lower costs. Typically, they outperform their peers on process measures of quality, and have lower average costs per patient and per episode. Third, incentives only work if they are fair and designed to increase over time, so clinicians who continually improve their practices are rewarded in kind. The better they get, the more incentives they deserve, and the more patients should be encouraged to utilize them.


About Praxis Electronic Medical Records

Award winning Praxis EMR is a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Record software, serving thousands of physician-users across the U.S. and throughout the world. Whereas most other EMRs are based on rigid and cumbersome templates, Praxis EMR utilizes an artificial intelligence technology called Concept Processing that self learns from each clinician becoming smarter and faster as the user charts in free text. Its unique approach to medical charting makes Praxis the most usable EMR on the market today. Praxis EMR’s focus on clinical usability consistently earns it #1 ratings in physician-user satisfaction polls, including #1 rankings in User Satisfaction, Overall Usability, Improving Medical Quality and several other categories in the ACP as well as the AAFP User Satisfaction Surveys. The new Praxis EMR v5 is certified as a Complete EMR under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Meaningful Use Program.

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