New Gizmos for the Valentine's Geek

Redondo Beach, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2008

Don’t let the pressure of Valentine’s Day gift giving crash the old operating system. Get to Motherboard Gifts & More — a matchmaker made in heaven for geeks and geekettes alike. The Chicago-area firm founded in 1991 specializes in the manufacture of high-end, quality gifts. Think a new business card case, clipboard, CD clock or key ring is not an instant link to a techie’s firewall protected heart? Then consider this: all products are created from reclaimed circuit boards originally designed for computers, televisions, and other electronics.

Motherboard’s visually stunning gifts exploit the intrinsic beauty of technology. They are also fully functional products that often inspire an iconic word of approval: Cool.

Each item makes a definitive statement — I’m technology friendly. And when shown at a party or business meeting, they can make the earth move with a strong “I want one too!” vibe.

Circuit boards may suggest sharp edges and bumpy surfaces, a Valentine’s Day gift turn-off. Not so of Motherboard products. Each is created from material never marred by circuitry soldering. In fact, the boards were never actually installed because they are defective, deemed obsolete, or part of an unclaimed order (i.e., unrequited love. Sob). Another reason the product line is romantically charged: the colors and patterns of the boards vary, making each gift item virtually one-of-a-kind. Just like that special Valengeek.

Motherboard Makes Geeks Swoon

From cuff links and cigar cases to money clips and nightlights, Motherboard lures swooning geeks with nearly fifty products available in several colors. They range in price from $ 7.50 to $ 59.99.

But since its inception, the firm’s bestseller has been the business card case. The slim, metal card case with a board top holds 10-15 cards and fits easily in a pocket or briefcase. And all cases can now be personalized with engraved geek names, mottos, or the lyrics to your favorite love song. Case dimensions are a seductive 2 1/4 x 3 5/8 inches.

The clipboard is also a favorite item. And due to its large, flat surface, among the most visually suggestive. Certain to inspire questions – Is that a real board? Can I (careful, girls) touch it? Does it really work? – the nifty board stands out dramatically in contrast to white paper. Three sizes are available. The two largest accommodate standard 8

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