New Marine AIS Chips Make a Splash

Maldon, Essex, England (PRWEB) September 27, 2006

CMLs new CMX7032 and CMX7042 ICs are making waves in the global marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder market. These new highly integrated baseband signalling processors fulfil the requirements of all marine AIS transponders, AIS Rx-only units and AtoN (Aids to Navigation) systems, suitable for both large and small passenger and cargo vessels.

The CMX7032 and CMX7042 have been specifically designed for use in AIS units utilising Limiter-Discriminator RF architecture. Both are half-duplex in operation, comprising two parallel Limiter-Discriminator Rx paths and one I and Q or two-point modulation Tx path, configurable for both marine AIS or DSC operation.

Both the CMX7032 and CMX7042 have identical core functions. The CMX7032 provides maximum integration with the inclusion of two on-board auxiliary RF synthesisers. The CMX7042 comes without RF synthesisers, offering maximum RF system flexibility and the smallest foot-print package, for designers wishing to separate baseband and RF operations.

Both devices push on-chip integration to new levels by performing signal modulation/demodulation and associated AIS functions, such as training sequence detection, NRZI conversion and HDLC processing (flags, bit stuffing, CRC generation and checking). Combined with the integrated Tx/Rx data buffers, the overall host microcontroller processing requirements are greatly reduced. Auxiliary DAC and ADC functions are provided to further simplify system hardware design, thus reducing overall end-product size and cost, which are major market drivers.

The CMX7032 and CMX7042 utilise CMLs proprietary FirmASIC

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