New Optics and Electronics in Stalker Radar’s LIDAR LR Reduce Target Acquisition Time, Extend Range, and Improve Tracking

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 14, 2010

Stalker Engineers started from scratch when they designed the optics and electronics for the new Stalker LIDAR LR. The result is faster target acquisition, greater range, and rock-solid target tracking.


Most obvious, the LIDAR LR features a new forward-swept battery handle for improved ergonomics, tight battery handle fit, and better targeting. The LR also meets both U.S. and European eye safety standards.


The Stalker Engineers built the new optics system around much larger objective lenses which enable better target illumination and improved return signal reception for greater targeting distance.


The LIDAR LR’s three internal circuit boards were replaced by a single circuit board using surface mount technology and the most current components. The result is a 284:1increase in processing power yielding an 8:1 increase in time and distance accuracy.


The new LIDAR LR optics allow a typical 4000-foot target acquisition distance while newly refined internal software algorithms provide smoother tracking, fewer dropouts, and a greatly reduced sweep affect, according to Jim Shaw, Stalker Radar (Applied Concepts) Marketing Director.


Most LIDAR units cannot track a target if there are close, stationary objects in line with the target, however the LIDAR LR allows the operator to follow the target, ignoring small objects like telephone or utility poles or sign posts without losing target tracking.


Other features of the new lidar technology include:

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