OnChip Introduces Thin Film Precision Silicon Chip Resistors for Hi-Rel Applications

Santa Clara, CA (Vocus) February 4, 2009

A global leader in Integrated Passives Devices (IPD), OnChip today introduced a family of Thin Film Silicon wire-bondable Resistor Chips. These products use sophisticated thin-film manufacturing process featuring a high-stability, self-passivating and moisture-resistant Tantalum Nitride resistor element. Consisting of a single and dual value resistors, these chips offer a very wide range of resistances and tolerances. Additionally, these devices provide low shunt capacitance and low-noise operation which are ideal attribues for use in high performance hybrid microelectronics. The single value resistors TX & TL Series Resistors have a very small die size of 20 x 20 mils. Sq.. The TX resistors are offered in single wire bond configuration while the TL requires two wire bonds. The center-tapped TR Series Resistors provide greater flexiblity to hybrid circuit designers. Measuring a size of 30 x 30 mils sq., the TR consists of six bond pads enhancing layout flexibility. It also offers users three resistor value choices total value, one-half value, or one-quarter value depending on the wire-bond configuration. The TR resistors offer a wide resistance range of 4.7ohms to 1Meg-ohms with tight tolerances down to 0.5% and TCR values as low as 25 ppm/

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