Paper-Free Means Worry-Free – So switch to SMARTdri

Berkeley, IL (PRWEB) December 08, 2011

Paper towels are more than a maintenance headache. A trash can full of them is a leading cause of school fires. So free yourself from paper, and free yourself from worry. Switch to SMARTdri hand dryers by World Dryer. Theyre the secure solution for your school — and the smart choice for saving money.

Most school fires originate in restroom trash cans, and paper towels are a leading incendiary material. Bathrooms present children and young teens with a place to set a fire without having to contend with constant adult supervision, according to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).

The U.S. Fire Administration says 31% of school structure fires in K-12 schools are contained to trash cans. But these fires can become pyres. At the Health and Science School in Beaverton, Oregon, an April fire in their restroom trash can caused $ 20,000 in damages. And last year, a 10th grade student was expelled and arrested for first-degree arson, after allegedly torching the boys restroom at an Oregon school. The incendiary material? A roll of paper towels.

Adolescents who understand the legal repercussions, yet continue to set fires, represent a growing problem. says NFIRS. The organization says 25% of school structure fires for grades K-8, and 47% of fires for grades 9-12, are incendiary or suspicious. School property damage from intentionally-set fires totals $ 40.8 million per year.

Clearly, a trash can of paper towels can invite fire damage and destruction. So during National Arson Awareness Week, May 1 to 7, support World Dryers Paper-free Means Worry-Free campaign. Its easy to do. Just replace paper towels with SMARTdri hand dryers in your school restrooms. Youll be standing up for safety.

Plus, youll quickly see that SMARTdri hand dryers are more than just safe. The embedded SteriTouch

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