Pen-One, Inc. Selects Award Winning P9 Designto Develop New Fingerprint Sensing Pen

Southfield, MI (PRWEB) July 26, 2004

Pen-One, Inc. announced the selection of the industrial design firm, P9, to develop their Generation III fingerprint sensing biometric pen. The new pen uses biometric authentication to verify the identity of a signer. This occurs in less than one second after the signer grips the pen.


The pen works by using a built in electronic fingerprint scanner. This sensor instantly scans an enrolled signer’s fingerprint to create the equivalent of an electronic key and send it to a host computer or cash register. If the “key” matches the signer’s previously enrolled “template,” the transaction is accepted and processed normally. The new pen can help eliminate identity theft, a problem affecting approximately one in every five credit card users.


“We selected P9 from a field of highly qualified, leading design firms,” stated Gerald Black, Pen-One’s co-founder. Black is the inventor of the fingerprint-sensing pen and has several patents on his invention. He added, “The P9 development project will place the new production model fingerprint pen in the hands of consumers later this year. We have already received a great deal of worldwide interest and we are now speaking with system developers about their specific applications.”


“P9 presented six innovative design concepts for this unique technology,” advised John Moldauer, Principal of the Edgewater, NJ based design group. “We are specialists in designing handheld technologies.” The firm plans on using this expertise to create consumer designs that help signers touch the integrated fingerprint scanner while writing. Moldauer added, “P9 is also considering pen-based computing applications and stylus requirements for handheld electronics. We saw a demonstration of the Generation II pen earlier in the year. The idea of a smart pen that can verify identity is brilliant.”


P9 Design has earned several prestigious awards for handheld products and industrial designs, including most recently a 2004 CES Innovation Award for the development of a technologically innovative handheld MP4 player. In addition, the company has a history of designing surgical instruments and handgrips for very popular consumer products.


In 1998, Black began working on building a simple handheld stylus with a built in fingerprint sensor. As the company and design evolved, the entire fingerprint circuit was miniaturized and placed inside the pen creating the prototype demonstrated to P9. In May 2004, the world’s first commercial transaction took place using the new pen. Black’s targeted applications for the pen include credit card purchases and check cashing plus dozens of other security applications including custody documents, customs declaration cards, immigration/passport documents, maintenance records, shipping receipts, quality control certifications, building or physical access logs, and even remote test taking.


Company Background


About Pen-One, Inc. – Pen-One, Inc. is an early stage privately funded biometrics technology company currently based in Southfield, Michigan. The company owns an international patent portfolio of core biometric application technologies, including the fingerprint sensing biometric pen. The company plans to introduce its commercial biometric pens and software development kits in late 2004. Pen-One can offer additional security features for government and specialized applications. Pen-One technology is also available for licensing. Additional information is available at


About P9, LLC – P9, LLC is a product innovation and development firm specializing in the integration of advanced technologies in the fields of consumer and medical projects. The companies’ partners have been working together for over 15 years, providing a unique perspective and proprietary solutions to wide range of products and packaging. P9’s client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors. Additional information is available at




John Moldauer, P9, LLC – 516-658-0214


Gerald Black, Pen-One, 248-644-1014


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