(PRWEB) May 31, 2003

It is not by chance that call centres have evolved into multimedia contact centres, people have been deciding how to best communicate with each other since time began.

The telephone was invented to enable people to communicate over long distances, today the telephone has become the only mass market interactive medium in the UK with over 90% penetration into households, and 99% penetration into business.

We now have mobile phones, digital cordless home phones, digital phone systems, with VOiP, IVR, and AVR all of which were invented as ‘improvements’ to the way we naturally communicate; nearly all have been introduced without the consumers, knowledge or awareness.

And so we move from customer migration, to service provider migration in respect of where the service is delivered from, again all to provide an ‘improved’ service by passing on the cost savings to the consumer.


About The Author

Ibrar Ayyub

Ibrar Ayyub is an experienced technical writer with a Master's degree in computer science from BZU Multan University. He has written for various industries, mainly home automation, and engineering. He has a clear and simple writing style and is skilled in using infographics and diagrams. He is a great researcher and is able to present information in a well-organized and logical manner.

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