Popular Electronic Christmas Gifts Put a Dangerous Strain on Home Electrical Systems

Denver, CO (PRWEB) January 1, 2011

High on the list of Christmas gifts set to be under the tree this year are all of the modern electronics for the kitchen, entertainment and home office, and Denver electrician Gary Stone of Allstar Electrical Services suggests that a check of a homes electrical system would be a great stocking stuffer. His company is offering a coupon for 10% off on residential electric service to ensure a safe holiday season.


The truth is most homes arent equipped electrically for all of the new electronic gadgets, appliances, computers and entertainment systems, and its a relatively easy problem to solve, says Stone. The downside is an overload and a real fire hazard from all of those plug-ins.


Reports from all of the big retailers, online and physical locations, show people are buying tons of HD televisions, new coffee makers and food processors, Xboxes and Playstations, and computers for Christmas this year. Stone, a licensed electrician for decades, says he gets calls every year right after the holidays to install new switches and plugs to accommodate all the new gear.


People have no idea how dangerous this can be, he says. They buy a power strip and plug in several high-power devices, run extension cords all over the place and put their homes in jeopardy. Homes built even 10 years ago werent designed to handle the kind of electrical loads were experiencing today. Older homes are even in worse shape from an electrical point of view.


Stone notes that many kitchens lack the number of electrical outlets necessary to run all of the modern kitchen appliances conveniently and safely, and a lot of them are out of code with respect to the kind of breaker outlets required near water sources. Also, he adds, the modern entertainment system often includes a television monitor, DVD, sound system, cable and HD box, game systems and more, all of which, by necessity and proximity, are being plugged into a single outlet.


Not only is overloading circuits unsafe, but it is also unsightly, says Stone. One of our most frequent service calls after the holidays is redoing the electrical in kitchens and dens, making them safe and load appropriate, and also installing systems that conveniently hide all of those cords.


Allstar Electrical Services, founded 15 years ago, handles a full range of electrical services for both homes and commercial customers throughout the Denver metro area. The companys experienced electricians takes care of minor electrical issues, like installing new plugs and switches, as well as more complex issues such as reworking entire electrical systems and circuit breakers, rewiring homes or remodeling projects, building exterior lighting systems, and equipping homes with solar photovoltaic systems. The firm also features its exclusive Security Blanket Program where, for $ 95 a year, customers are guaranteed same-day emergency services which includes a home electrical survey.


Well do a walk-through assessment of the types of problems you can anticipate given the state of your electrical wiring and service at your home, says Stone. This added benefit gives you a pro-active edge to stop problems before they start.


For a limited time, Allstar Electrical Services is offering a coupon for 10% off all home electrical services, not including materials costs. The coupon is available to print on the companys website at http://www.allstarelectrical.com/, and must be presented to the Allstar service representative at the time of service.



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