Portescap Turbo Disc™ stepper motors use a unique magnetisation method for unparalleled stepper performance

(PRWEB) October 7, 2004

“The rotor consists of a rare earth magnet with a proprietary magnetisation method that provides much smaller step angles than conventional two-phase permanent magnet stepper motors. The unique rotor design provides a very low moment of inertia for outstanding acceleration and dynamic behaviour. Coupled with high peak speeds, this means that any incremental movement is carried out in the shortest possible time,” says Dave Beckstoffer, Product Manager. Low inertia also results in high start/stop frequencies, which can solve certain motion challenges without applying a ramp.

The variation in holding torque is reduced because these motors are designed with a low detent torque. The motors exhibit minimal harmonic distortion, with excellent static and dynamic accuracy for any position under any load or speed conditions. An independent magnetic circuit eliminates the coupling between phases ensuring accurate angular resolution in microstep mode. The short magnetic circuit using a small amount of SiFe laminations, significantly reduces iron losses for obtaining more torque at high step rates (up to 10’000 step/s). The result is high peak torques, high speeds and high power/volume ratios.

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