Private Reserve Guitars Features the Gibson ES-339 and Five Selected Electric and Acoustic Guitars for Serious Collectors

Medford, OR (PRWEB) December 9, 2007

Private Reserve Guitars, an online guitar boutique, announces holiday sales on featured high-end electric and acoustic guitars made by skilled luthiers from world-famous brands. This year, five guitars–the Gibson ES-339 Electric Guitar, the Gibson Custom Shop chambered 1968 Les Paul Electric Guitar, the Les Paul Custom “Natural” Electric Guitar, the Martin D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative Acoustic Guitar, and the Gibson Acoustic Icon Nick Lucas Signature Acoustic Guitar–are highlighted for their exclusive designs and exquisite sounds.


The Gibson Custom Shop ES-339 Electric Guitar embodies the next evolution in semi-hollow body electric guitar construction. It’s lighter and more compact than a traditional semi-hollow guitar and features Memphis Tone electronics designed specifically for the Gibson Custom ES-339 guitar. This circuit preserves the full-bodied tone with rich midrange and singing sustain. The Gibson electric guitar is crafted with a choice of two legendary neck profiles: the 30/60 neck as well as the rounded ’59 neck so guitarists can choose the shape that is most comfortable. As is the case with all Custom Shop models, the ES-339 is constructed from the best materials money can buy and is available in three finishes. The ES-339 model delivers distinctive tonal qualities that are rich with expressive overtones.


The Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar has long been favored by musicians and collectors because of its legendary tone, style and long list of appointments. This Gibson Custom Shop Chambered 1968 Les Paul Custom is unique in that craftsmen at the Gibson Custom Shop strategically placed chambers in the guitar’s body that are routed inside the mahogany back. As a result, this chambered Les Paul model is easier on the shoulders for extended jam sessions and has more resonance for louder, increased sustain. The Les Paul Custom chambered guitar comes in a rare Antique Pelham Blue finish that has a greenish hue to accurately emulate the effect of 40 years of aging.


Private Reserve Guitars recognizes the Les Paul Custom “Natural” Electric Guitar with Maple Fretboard as another frontrunner from the Gibson Custom Shop. Nicknamed “The Natural” due to the fretboard’s finish, this Les Paul Custom guitar combines the time-honored qualities expected from a Custom Shop Gibson LP including a stunning maple fretboard finished in a natural light-brown hue and numerous handcrafted details. Experts laud the guitar’s handsome appointments and impressive tone.


Private Reserve Guitars casts the limelight on two acoustic guitars this holiday season. The Martin D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative Acoustic Guitar pays tribute to The Man in Black with features that successfully capture the essence of the late Johnny Cash’s independent spirit. This beautiful Martin D-35 tribute guitar has a polished black gloss lacquer finish allowing its appointments to shine. Special care was given to each detail–from the embellished purfling to Johnny Cash’s signature in pearl on the fretboard–giving drama to a guitar that personifies the man behind its inspiration. The D-35 Johnny Cash Guitar employs the finest materials in its construction for sweet tone and acute responsiveness. It comes with a special interior label in tribute to Johnny Cash, each personally signed by Cash’s son as well as Martin Chairman C. F. Martin IV, and numbered in sequence to give each D-35 dreadnought a unique marker.


The Gibson Acoustic Icon Nick Lucas Signature Acoustic Guitar is a special-edition historic replica made in remembrance of the man known as “the grandfather of the jazz guitar.” Nick Lucas was an American-born singer and guitarist who pioneered jazz guitar in the 1920s and 1930s and is famous for recording “Tip Toe Through the Tulips.” He was the first musician to have his name on a Gibson endorsement-model guitar. Despite its size, this small-body acoustic is famous for its bold tones and projection. It is built from the finest woods and has several features found on the original Nick Lucas guitar such as classic mother-of-pearl block fingerboard inlays.


Each of these top-of-the-line acoustic guitars and electric guitars are handcrafted from carefully selected materials to achieve the best tonal qualities imaginable. Collectors, hobbyists, and musicians will find more information on each of these featured high-end guitars at Private Reserve Guitars.


About Private Reserve Guitars:

Private Reserve Guitars specializes in new and occasionally used high-end stringed instruments from respected luthiers worldwide along with a vast array of acoustic and electric guitar accessories. Private Reserve Guitars provides customers with photos and descriptions of individual guitars, as well as personal contact with a dedicated guitar tech to help them make their decisions on serialized instruments. Unlike other musical instrument boutiques, Private Reserve Guitars is backed by direct music dealer Musician’s Friend, whose 24 years of business bring vast experience and buying power to the high-end guitar market.


Located in Medford, Oregon with warehousing in Kansas City and a call center in Salt Lake, Private Reserve Guitars can be contacted at 877-737-3781 and at


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