Record Label Door is proud to announce that Skyler, Zoe Ann, Raging Geisha, and Aria Tesolin have been selected for the Record Label Door A & R Tip Sheet publication.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2011

Record Label Door announces four extraordinary artists who are ready for a record label deal; Skyler, Zoe Ann, Raging Geisha, and Aria Tesolin will be featured in the August edition of The Record Label Door A & R Tip Sheet.

About the The Record Label Door A & R Tip Sheet:

The Record Label Door A & R Tip Sheet is an electronic publication that presents the best, unsigned independent talent in all genres to the attention of 1,750 A&R Representatives (talent scouts) at Record Labels and to 233 Music Supervisors in the Television and Film industry.

About Record Label Door:

Record Label Door is an Artist Development and Independent A & R firm that connects the world’s hottest independent talent with record label executives through a variety of platforms including: The Record Label Door A & R Tip Sheet and The Record Label Door Artist Development to Record Label Shopping program.

The Record Label Door A & R Tip Sheet (August, 2011) features four independent artists making huge waves around the country.

Meet Skyler:

Skyler is a country-pop artist who has released five albums of emotionally addictive songs, all at a young age, proving his prolific song-writing talent and sustainability for years to come. Represented by the Kenmore Booking Agency, Skyler has performed twenty professional and repertory theater productions and has hundreds of concerts to his touring credit. He has performed at high-schools around the block and the country; Skyler is a young, dynamic, and seasoned performer. Now armed with a year of Berklee College of Music and a large loyal following – Skyler presents a catalog of incredible catchy country-pop songs that are destined for large-scale commercial success.

Meet Zoe Ann:

Zoe Ann is a Dallas based Teen Rocker and Singer-Songwriter who knows how to transform a song into a moment that you want to play over and over.Consistently #1 on The Indie Music Channel charts, a reign she has held for over two (2) months, it is no surprise that Peter Facinelli of Twilight heard Zoe Ann and decided to film and produce a Zoe Ann Music video. Zoe Ann also caught the attention of Pound 4 Pound Management, headed up by Richie Surrency. Richie, who has toured with Nickelback, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Evanescence, and is currently on tour with Journey, heard Zoe Ann and signed her on his management roster. A performer who draws large crowds, Zoe Ann has headlined at Mall of America, Six Flag Amusement Parks, and the House of Blues. She has appeared in dozens of radio shows (too many to list) and was a Celebrity Judge for Fox 4 American Idol’s Meet the Producer’s Competition.

Meet Raging Geisha:

Raging Geisha has all the right ingredients to create an international explosion: Miami heat, rock, pop, and hip-hop produced by one of todays most successful writers and producers, David Siegel and fronted by En Vogue-inspired female firecracker, Erica Sommer. The next big crossover, Raging Geisha is in demand at dance clubs and stadiums, mainstream and urban radio, fueled by a worldwide fan-base as diverse as the band itself, a fanbase that represents today’s generation – eager to blend the lines of race, gender and genre. Raging Geishas David Siegel appears as writer/producer on two Number 1 hit songs, “Whatever You Like” for T.I. and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” for Soulja Boy, and most recently “Momma” for Flo-Rida, as well as over 30 million records worldwide for artists such as Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Celin Dion, Pink, Enrique Eglesias, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Thelia, Clay Aiken and Maya! Erica and David formed Raging Geisha with the idea that the music world was ready for the first rock band fronted by an African-American woman and proved their idea worthy as Raging Geisha’s hit single “The Way That He Wants Me” climbed to the Top 10 on the FMQB Airplay Charts. Raging Geisha has toured extensively. Their House of Blues Tour circuit took the band to major clubs in New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston, opening up for Who’s Bad and Afroman. They have also headlined in venues such as Snitch and Mo Pritkins in New York City, Grapestreet in Philadelphia and the 10 High Club in Atlanta, as well as headlining at Club Vinyl in ATL as well. Raging Geisha was the opening act for Smashmouth and has played numerous festivals throughout the regions: the Florida Music Festival 5 years in a row in Orlando, the Miami Music Festival 2 years in a row, and the Central Music Florida Festival in 2011. They have headlined at Studio A and the Culture Room in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

Meet Aria Tesolin:

Adult Contemporary, Classical-Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Aria Tesolin is an international digital media sensation who has attracted over 6.4 million viewers on YouTube. Today, her song ‘Dolce’ just hit number One (1) on MTV’s partner, OurStage’s world charts. Aria is charting on iTunes in 10 countries! Every once in a while you find an artist who has that special something; an artist who has a voice that makes the hairs on your arms stand up; an artist whose music just makes you feel really good – that artist is Aria Tesolin. Aria has a true sense of musicality and originality that is hard to come by now-a-days. Aria’s true songwriting talent is to take something universal and turn it into something truly majestic and magical. Aria Tesolin will take your breath away. Demonstrating a vocal beauty and sophistication beyond her years, Aria began her rise as a child opera singer performing in concerts with Canada’s 3 Tenors. Her debut CD, Baby Soprano, had seven (7) tracks chart in 10 countries including Italy, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Canada, and Norway securing a strong and loyal world-wide fan-base! Underlying Aria’s gorgeous voice are perfectly detailed arrangements and an artistic delivery that hasn’t been seen since Norah Jones first hit the scene. Aria is both a musician’s musician and a people’s musician; she appeals to the concert hall trained ear and to general audiences who know they are hearing something extraordinary, but at the same time feel as though every song Aria sings was written just for them. Aria has been featured on Canadian news and television networks: CityTV, CTV The National, CTV Toronto, Global News, OMNI, Rogers and TLN.


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