Saleae LLC Releases Logic Analyzer for Gadget-Building Enthusiasts on a Budget

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 18, 2008

Saleae LLC is now offering gadget-building enthusiasts an important tool to help in making their creations. The new logic analyzer, called Logic, graphically displays the digital information flowing back and forth over wires between different parts of electronic systems. Online at


The introduction of Logic comes at a time where it is becoming common for hobbyists to combine complex subcomponents — such as GPS, video sensors, cell phone modules, and microcontrollers — into custom arrangements to create novel and expressive gadgets. These trends are reflected in the immense popularity of the Maker Fair event (most recently drawing 65,000 attendees), the website Hack a Day (>50,000 viewers/day), and the burgeoning success of the electronics module provider SparkFun Electronics ($ 4 million in sales in 2007).


“Today we have people of all ages building robots–and every other imaginable contraption–and they are really quite sophisticated,” says Joe Garrison, CEO of Saleae LLC. “For a lot of these projects, a simple voltmeter isn’t going to cut it. To see what your modules are saying to each other you really need a logic analyzer, especially when things aren’t working.”


With Logic, hobbyists, students, technicians, and engineers can clip probes onto the wires connecting their various modules and circuits to see the digital messages, including possible problems. Logic analyzers traditionally have been out of reach of more budget-constrained enthusiasts, with stand-alone industry units costing thousands of dollars. Logic costs just $ 149. Logic also incorporates analyzers for the popular I2C, SPI, and serial protocols. These protocol analyzers can decode and display information encoded in the digital signals.


About Saleae LLC:

Saleae LLC ( develops electronics and software products for underserved and niche markets. The company currently offers the imote and Logic products, with more on the way.



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