SchmartBoard Announces 3 New Contests to Win New Product Line

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) October 12, 2005

SchmartBoard, a company that develops products for prototyping electronic circuits, announced today three new contests to promote their new line of prototype boards called SchmartBoard|ez. The new product line makes it possible for virtually anyone to hand solder integrated circuits (ICs), even BGA (Ball Grid Array). Based on surveys of companies and universities, SchmartBoard believes that this product will have a huge impact for both industry and academia.

The first contest is open to everyone worldwide. All it requires is that one registers online.

The second contest is for people who have signed up for or are active on the companies Yahoo Groups forum. This forum is for students, engineers and hobbyists who are interested in SchmartBoard.

The third contest is for people who register after they purchase SchmartBoard products either at or from one of SchmartBoards distributors, worldwide.

In discussions with universities, SchmartBoard has found that hand soldering components is also a hindrance in teaching electrical engineering. Universities want to focus on teaching theory, not soldering skills. The ability for students to hand solder is a significant hurdle especially on “senior projects” in which students are expected to create a working circuit in order to graduate. SchmartBoard expects that students will develop an interest in electronics at an earlier age due to SchmartBoard|ez technology.

Details on SchmartBoard|ez, including a three-minute flash and a video of the company demonstrating the new technology at the recent DEMOfall show, can be seen at

About SchmartBoard

SchmartBoard is committed to helping engineers, students, and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. At SchmartBoard, our three-word mission statement is “Electronics for Everyone.” More information is available at

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