Sensory Introduces Adaptive Artificial Intelligence™

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2005

Sensory, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of embedded speech technologies, today announced the arrival of Adaptive Artificial Intelligence™ for the RSC-4x Family of speech processors. This new technology empowers developers to create products that learn over time and display life-like personalities. Adaptive Artificial Intelligence™ (Adaptive AI™) is optimized for small, embedded footprints, making it perfect for low cost consumer electronics, toys and games. “With the advent of Adaptive Artificial Intelligence, interaction between humans and machines takes the next big step.” said Bill Teasley, Sensory VP-Engineering, “For example, home automation systems can learn and automatically anticipate the preferences of the user, such as for temperature and lighting. An entertainment robot can grow from a baby to a mature individual with unique personality characteristics and preferences based on its experiences. Adaptive AI™ brings life to products and products to life.”

The Brains Behind Adaptive AI™

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence™ technology is a methodology based on statistical pattern recognition expressed as reinforcement learning. Dr. Michael Mozer, an internationally recognized expert in machine learning, developed this concept to enable machines to better meet the social and physical desires of people. Products imitating real life behaviors are a growing market as evidenced by the recent trend in entertainment robots in the forms of dogs and people, and dolls that provide interactive experiences. Adaptive AI™ enables such products to simulate life-like characteristics with captivating personalities that change over time. For instance, a product may get hungry or sleepy, have specific food preferences, or tend to be excitable or grumpy. It can even allow unique “birth characteristics” for each unit, and along with the unit’s unique experiences over time, result in no two units being exactly alike.

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