Sound-localizing Camera

What did we do?

The iPhone camera platform designed in this project can turn its direction to face wherever a nearby hand-clapping or other similar sharp impulse comes from. If a person claps hands for more than once in the same direction in reference with the mobile phone, this platform will instruct the camera to take a picture for each claps detected. If the person moves to a different location and claps his hands, the camera platform will adjust its direction accordingly. The system can distinguish between hand claps and most surrounding background noise such as normal talking.

Why did we do it?

When we travel alone, it can be inconvenient to take pictures with yourself in it. Often, we have to hold the camera with our hands and capture a close photo with barely background. In a better case, we still need to pre-set a short timer, which requires us rushes back from the camera. Therefore, we came up with platform that uses microphones to detect clap direction and ATmega1284p microcontroller with servo motor to control the camera and Apple remote earpod to shutter. This design makes selfie much more easier and convenient since all you need is to choose your favourite scene and clap the hands. It will also help friends or family in which case no one should be left out of the group photos. Additionally, the platform could also be modified as an “intelligent” monitor that automatically turns on, adjusts the direction and records upon suspicious sounds.

High Level Design

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