SourceMedical Bridges the Information Gap Between ASCs and Hospital Outpatient Departments

BIRMINGHAM, AL (PRWEB) October 24, 2011

SourceMedical, a leading provider of ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and specialty hospital business and clinical software solutions, today announced the release of the Vision HOPD clinical and business management solution. ASCs that operate as Hospital Outpatient Departments have workflow requirements and information management needs that differ from that of independent ASCs and acute care environments. While much of the workflow tends to mirror that of a standalone ASC, there are often unique billing requirements and complex data integration needs between the HOPD and the hospital IT infrastructure. In addition, regulatory and compliance obligations often differ from those of an ASC, tying more closely to those of the hospital. Vision HOPD enables facilities that require interoperability with a hospital organization to meet these unique needs while allowing the facility to maintain their own IT system which is better suited to their workflow.


When it comes to managing patient information and facility operations, Hospital Outpatient Departments require a customized solution tailored to their specific needs, said Ron Pelletier, Vice President of Market Strategy of SourceMedical. Vision HOPD is the first management solution to be offered to the HOPD market which is directly targeted at allowing these facilities to maintain their specific workflow while enabling them to comply with the regulatory issues that impact the affiliated hospital.


Vision HOPD provides for reliable and efficient data exchange between the multitudes of systems employed in IDNs allowing existing facilities to comply with integration requirements using an application designed specifically for an outpatient surgery environment. Utilizing integrated MPI synchronization, users can easily look up and retrieve patient demographic records from an affiliated hospital database making the intake and registration process more efficient and ensuring consistent records across the organization.

Vision HOPDs workflow automation and customizable charge capture allows for both outpatient and inpatient billing to maximize revenue and gain significant operational efficiencies through a shortened accounts receivable cycle. Additionally, utilizing the solutions innovative Web-based portal, physicians can control their schedules and cases and make more immediate clinical decisions for improved patient outcomes while providing the facility with the necessary level of control and security.


Vision HOPD also provides access to a fully embedded suite of clinical management tools: Vision EHR. Vision EHR is certified as a Full Inpatient EHR System and is fully integrated into the workflow, security, and reporting of Vision HOPD improving quality measures tracking and increasing patient safety. With full inpatient EHR certification, inpatient surgical facilities using Vision EHR are uniquely positioned to pursue stimulus funding and Meaningful Use attestation.


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SourceMedical is the largest provider of outpatient information solutions and services for outpatient ambulatory surgery centers, specialty hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics nationwide. With 30 years of real-world experience, more than 5,000 satisfied customers, and the confidence of more than 250 consultants and management companies, SourceMedical offers the broadest range of solutions and enhancements available to the industry. The companys unique end-to-end systems improve operational efficiency and cash flow while enabling healthcare facilities to capture, exchange, and analyze data to deliver a higher standard of patient care. For more information, please visit


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