SSH & SSL Suite Secures Small Footprint Embedded Network Devices

San Diego, California (PRWEB) March 9, 2009

NetBurner today introduced the addition of Secure Shell (SSH) to the NetBurner security suite, which also includes SSL and AES. The NetBurner Security Suite is a small footprint security solution for embedded network devices that require secure communications for protection from those who wish to gain unauthorized control, alter the configuration without permission, or steal private data.

The NetBurner Security Suite has been fine-tuned to take advantage of the incredible performance and architecture of 32-bit processors. Unlike 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers, the 32-bit NetBurner processor platforms can easily handle the demands of connecting and transmitting secure data. NetBurner has optimized the stack for Freescale ColdFire processors because they have the horsepower required to deliver secure data in a fraction of the time it takes competing products, all at an affordable cost.

NetBurner SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and ensures data integrity for transmissions made over a TCP/IP network. It is primarily used to enable devices to serve secure web pages using (HTTPS). The NetBurner SSL implementation was written from the ground up to provide high performance and a small memory footprint of approximately 90K bytes.

NetBurner SSH enables data to be exchanged between two network devices over a secure channel. It’s a secure replacement for TELNET and other insecure remote shells. Server authentication (username and password) is required for security but the administrator can allow anonymous operation. The SSH module is integrated with the NetBurner TCP/IP stack and web server, enabling you to add secure web pages to your product with just a few function calls.

NetBurner leads the industry with the most innovative and comprehensive suite of software for editing, compiling, linking, and loading applications into embedded network hardware; fueling the creation of cutting edge network-aware products.

The NetBurner SSL/SSH Security Suite costs $ 495 USD and can be purchased through the NetBurner online store at

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