Surge Protector Manufacturer Announces New Model Lines

(PRWEB) April 8, 2005

BITS Limited, a leading surge protector manufacturer, announced additional models of their Smart Strip Power Strip. The surge protector automatically switches on and off computer equipment, peripherals, and other electronic equipment, thus saving time, money, and energy. The new models have the same auto-switching capability as the original Smart Strip, but offer consumers more options for protecting their electronics.

“The features included on our surge protectors are of the highest quality,” said Russell Barton, President of BITS Limited. “We designed a product that we would want to use in our own homes and offices.”

The Smart Strip Power Strip saves time and reduces energy bills by turning off all peripherals that are plugged into the surge protector. Its design has up to ten carefully spaced outlets to accommodate different-sized plugs. The surge protector eliminates wasteful energy use and protects electronic equipment from sudden, damaging energy spikes.

The new models of the Smart Strip surge protector are the LCG5 and the SCG series. The LCG5 has 2875 joules of three-way surge protection and also offers additional protection for coaxial and telephone lines. The SCG models are a more compact version of the Smart Strip and have seven outlets. These models round out the Smart Strip product line with the same auto-switching technology.

“Expanding our Smart Strip product line means that our customers will now have more options in finding the surge protector that works best for them,” said Barton.

In addition to a thirty-day trial on their surge protectors, BITS Limited offers a money-back guarantee if the customer is not completely satisfied with the surge protector. To purchase the surge protector or to learn more about the benefits of the Smart Strip, visit

About the Smart Strip Power Strip

The Smart Strip surge protector utilizes 2225 joules, 84,000 amps, and 130 Volt three-way protection. It also features a 15 amp circuit breaker, superior EMI/RFI filtering, ten outlets, and is wall mountable in four different ways. The Smart Strip uses a patent-pending safety monitoring circuit that monitors the status of the entire surge protector and the ground.

About BITS Limited

BITS Limited was founded in 1986 by brothers Bruce and Russell Barton. BITS Limited switched its focus from service and maintenance of diagnostic medical equipment to engineering solutions in 2001. Rocom (China) and Rotech (USA) were subcontracted to help with production design and manufacturing of the Smart Strip surge protector. These two companies were chosen because their leadership in the areas of design and manufacturing of surge protectors complemented the vision of BITS Limited.

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