Tantalum capacitors from the world-class producer on stock

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A tantalum capacitor may be for many designers a component with a “smell of alchemy”. It´s not used as often as for example electrolytic capacitors, it´s more expensive and it doesn´t hesitate to fire off at improper handling. Despite these facts, it´s used in many devices and features several advantages, which predestinate it to many applications.
Tantalum capacitors from the world-class producer on stock
Among main advantages of tantalum capacitors belong small dimensions, temperature stability (C vs. t), very long lifetime (self-repair ability), relatively low serial resistance (ESR) and virtually no dependence of capacity on a DC voltage. Their usage is for these and other reasons beneficial in switch-mode power supplies, digital circuits (processors) in a measurement equipment etc.
Tantalum capacitors strictly require observing a maximum ripple current and also a maximum operating voltage. A low ESR can be a cause of extremely high inrush current after connecting to a hard power supply (for example a battery), which is able to damage a capacitor. From this reason, it´s advisable to design a circuit in a way, that this inrush current was limited, or not to use tantalum capacitors as the first – input capacitors.
When these basic requirements are observed, tantalum capacitors will reward us with reliability and long-term stable parameters.
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