TBA ECP Launches New Family of Ionisation Products for Elimination of Static

(PRWEB) June 14, 2006

Static control specialist, TBA Electro Conductive Products (ECP) has launched a new family of ionisation products designed to eliminate static in a wide range of applications.


The new family comprises bench top ionising air blowers, ionising guns and nozzles, an overhead ionising air blower, ionising bars and air curtains and a range of power supplies designed for use with the various products. Ionisation products are suitable for use in electronics industry electro static protected areas (EPAs) for neutralising electro static fields created as a result of unavoidable tribo charging activities such as removing plastic protective films from LCD panels. The products are also ideal for dealing with static problems experienced by printers and plastics processors.


Bench top ionising air blowers provide an easily portable, localised static elimination solution. The balanced ion stream they deliver provides quick neutralisation of static charges in the work area. In addition they feature a built-in emitter cleaner, adjustable speed control for the airflow, ionisation indicator light, integrated blower and power supply.


Ionising guns and nozzles are lightweight handheld devices providing a concentrated flow of high pressure ionised air. This allows highly localised cleaning of dust and dirt from sheet, mouldings etc. As the air is ionised, electro static potential on the target surface is neutralised, thus preventing dust from being attracted back to the surface. Compressed air nozzles provide constant static elimination in hard to reach areas and can be used to eliminate troublesome electro static fields that may be causing machine failures or to remove dust and prevent reattraction.


Two overhead ionisers are designed to provide excellent static elimination as part of a BS IEC 61340-5-1:1998 electro static protection system. When used in conjunction with ECP 1580 series static safe benches, their effectiveness is further increased. Both units deliver quick neutralisation of electro static fields and feature built-in emitter cleaners, adjustable airflow controls and integrated blowers and power supplies.


Ion bars and air curtains provide an excellent non-contact method of static elimination. These products are suitable for use in a variety of applications such as slitting, winding, printing and electronics among many others. A variety of options can be supplied to suit the requirements of particular applications. For example, one model features robust design for use in physically demanding situations while a slimline model permits use in narrow and tight spaces. Two further models feature air assist to increase the effective range of ionisation.


Completing TBA ECP’s family of ionisation products is a range of power supplies suitable for powering the high performance static elimination equipment. The supplies are easy to use with clear markings identifying the relevant connections. All power supplies feature short circuit protection.


Easy to set up and use, the new family of ionisation equipment complements TBA ECP’s extensive range of static control products that includes flooring, packaging and storage systems, grounding products, work surfaces and workstations, instrumentation, coatings and complementary services such as quality audits. The company is capable of delivering floor-to-ceiling static control solutions encompassing everything required in ESD protection areas.


TBA Electro Conductive Products is a specialist manufacturer of high quality electro static protection (ESP) and electro magnetic interference (EMI) shielding products.


For more information, please contact: TBA Electro Conductive Products, PO Box 56, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 7EY, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1706 647718, Fax: +44 (0)1706 646170. Web site: http://www.tbaecp.co.uk


Press enquiries to: Marshall Jennings PR Ltd, Wyvols Court, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1WY, UK. Tel: +44 (0)118 988 0288, Fax: +44 (0)118 988 0388.


Web site: http://www.mjpr.com


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