Techie Tree Ornaments Introduced for the Holidays

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) October 10, 2008

If you’re dreaming of a byte Christmas but have not yet found a gift for the favorite family geek, a trinity of techie tree ornaments is now available from Motherboard Gifts & More, a Chicago-area firm that was founded in 1991 to create high-end novelties and gizmos.

More than 50 products ideal for holiday gifts — including business card cases, clipboards, key rings, clocks and now Christmas tree ornaments — are all created from reclaimed circuit boards originally designed for computers, televisions and other electronics. Now more than just the tree is recyclable.

The tree ornaments are available in three shapes and colors: a blue star, red bell and green tree. Together they add a new dimension to tree design because the unique circuit board patterns on each piece bring a technological twinkle to the techie’s evergreen. The lightweight ornaments include a knotted silver cord for easy placement on the tree. And while sizes slightly vary, each is about 3.5 x 3.5 inches. $ 19.99 per set.

If circuit board surfaces sound sharp and lumpy, all Motherboard products are as smooth and pleasant as a bowl of egg nog. Circuitry soldering never marred these quality materials because the boards were never actually installed: they are defective, or deemed obsolete, or were part of an unclaimed order. Even the Grinch will love Christmas with these eco-friendly tree ornaments.

“The cool thing about them is the geek who loves computers and technology probably won’t be out buying these techie tree ornaments for themselves or maybe haven’t even seen them before. They’re great holiday gifts for hard-to-buy loved ones,” says Jay Silver, president of Motherboard Gifts & More.


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