Tenduit Releases RIMCenter; First in a Series of Software Offerings for Managing Physical Data Center Infrastructure

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

Tenduit Software, an Austin based infrastructure management company, today announced the release of RIMCenter, a software-only physical infrastructure management alternative to KVM and iPDU hardware. RIMCenter increases server uptime by enabling system administrators to securely access, manage, and control power, to physical servers anywhere, anytime.


Uptime of IT resources is a critical measure, whether in a data center or remote office situation. Physical devices such as servers, storage and networking are the foundation of any data center and can significantly impact service level agreements. Secure access and management of this physical infrastructure, including power control is a critical part of maintaining data center availability. Historically, infrastructure managers have deployed KVM and iPDU appliances, from companies such as Emerson/Avocent and Raritan, to access physical devices even when the operating environment is unavailable. However, the cost and complexity of those hardware alternatives has forced many IT organizations to leave many servers unprotected to meet budget pressures. RIMCenter leverages the embedded service processor technology integrated into virtually all modern servers, eliminating the need to deploy expensive KVM and iPDU hardware appliances and offering a heterogeneous alternative to vendor-specific tools such as HP iLo Advanced, Dell DRAC, and IBM RSA.


Until now getting out-of-band access to a servers console, BIOS or power control required the use of external appliances. RIMCenter requires absolutely no new hardware, which is a huge advantage over legacy products, said Dave Perry, CEO of Tenduit. By eliminating hardware, RIMCenter allows infrastructure managers to reduce costs by over 60% while lowering power, cooling, cabling and rack space requirements. Since a majority of server problems can be fixed by remote power cycling, RIMCenter is a very cost effective method for increasing uptime. We offer a single cross-vendor solution for heterogeneous server environments, whether they are in data center or remote server environments.


Mike Hancock, Systems Manager for Energen Corporation, an Alabama based energy company and a participant in Tenduits Early Adopter program, said RIMCenter is the most exciting infrastructure management solution Ive seen in quite awhile. It is easy to install, configure and use nowhere near as involved as standard KVM and other out-of-band management devices. RIMCenter provides us critical functionality at a much lower cost.


In addition to secure access and power control of physical servers, RIMCenter delivers a variety of additional capabilities valued by system administrators including: integrated softKVM and RDP consoles, BIOS/boot process management and adherence to corporate access security policies. This release of RIMCenter supports servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003R2 or newer and integrates with Microsofts Active Directory.


According to Ben Grimes, President BRG Strategy Group, Today, virtualization and cloud computing garner a lot of attention but the health of physical devices in a data center is often overlooked, except for data center operations staff who are acutely aware of the criticality of keeping the infrastructure operating. Tenduits RIMCenter is the right tool at the right time and will be very disruptive to the current rack-based hardware businesses. Mr. Grimes went on to say, The way Tenduit has leveraged the embedded server Baseboard Management Controller is very creative and will be welcome news to the many datacenters that have been locked-in to an expensive remote management system.


RIMCenter pricing begins at $ 149 per server. A free trial version of RIMCenter is available without obligation and can be downloaded from the companys website, http://www.tenduit.com.


About Tenduit


Tenduit offers RIMCenter, the first software-only infrastructure management alternative to KVM and iPDU hardware, that increases server uptime by enabling system administrators to securely access, power control and manage physical servers anywhere, anytime. For more information about Tenduit, visit http://www.tenduit.com



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