The Not so Open Question of Open Innovation: Telematics Munich 2011 is set to reveal automakers’ innovation strategies such as how to manage 3rd party relationships and clarify app development.

Munich (PRWEB) September 08, 2011

Incompatible systems, through multiple proprietary products, will ultimately taint the user experience and could end in rejection. Open innovation is one solution to increase interoperability. The dangers are there. In a worst case scenario open source technology could lead to the loss of control over the applications that may impact the correct operation of the technology. Every OEM and Tier 1 company can see the dangers of a loss of differentiation to their products. However, by closing the door entirely to open innovation, automakers risk blocking new revenue streams and alienating consumers.


What are the potential solutions?

Open innovation does not mean that the developer industry will run amok with the automakers and tier-1 communities. With adequate control and structure, an open environment could be beneficial to all. Information layers can be embedded into the vehicle and by using processes for source code acceptance, testing, release and upgrades, many of the issues can be bypassed. If open innovation is purely used to deliver the proper framework, in a regulated environment, the automaker remains in total control.


Understandably, the industry does not have a consolidated plan on this yet. The only feasible method to formulate a plan is through shared experiences, ideas and innovative thinking.


The Telematics Munich 2011 Conference and Exhibition (9th-10th November) will assemble the industries thought leaders, facilitating networking opportunities and the change to share the latest business models. An independently researched program and a world renowned collection of over 50 expert speakers will prepare business for a new-telematics era.


Expert speakers from Fiat, Audi, SAAB, Volvo, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Continental, Zurich, ERTICO, The Linux Foundation, Generali, Nissan, PSA and many more

Key topics include:

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