Touchstone Semiconductor Announces Its Drop-in Replacement for Maxims MAX917 Low-Power Comparator Plus Reference

Milpitas, Calif. (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

Touchstone Semiconductor, a developer of high-performance analog integrated circuit solutions, today announced the TSM917 analog comparator plus reference in low-voltage, power-sensitive applications for portable products, such as two-cell battery monitoring/management.

The TSM917 is a drop-in-replacement for Maxim Integrated Products MAX917 comparator. It provides manufacturers an alternative supply source for hard-to-get sole sourced products. Manufacturers can use both the original and the Touchstone TSM917 to ensure that product manufacturing is not delayed by part unavailability. Free samples are available upon request.

The low-power, single-supply TSM917 is pin-compatible and specification- and functionally identical to the MAX917 low-power, single-supply comparator. It operates from a single +1.8V supply, incorporates an internal 1.245V

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