Traco TPC120 will provide 120W economically and efficiently

With the Traco TPC120 AC/DC module you´ll gain a reliable power source for an excellent price and you´ll easily meet even the newest energy regulations (ErP).
Swiss company Traco Electronic is known as a producer of top-quality switch-mode power supplies TracoPower used even in atomic power plants etc. In the portfolio of this company can be found various AC/DC and DC/DC modules usually meeting even the most stringent requirements.
Traco TPC120 will provide 120W economically and efficiently
However because we don´t always need the very top features but rather so to say a “golden middle way”, even in Traco products can be found series with outstanding price/ performance ratio. Into this category also belongs a novelty – series TPCwith an output power of 30-120W.
Into our stable stock offer we added the most powerful version TPC120-112 and TPC120-124 with an output power of 120W and 12V or 24V output voltage. A great advantage is, that the power supplies meet the latest energy regulations about high efficiency in the whole power range (>87%) and about a low standby power consumption below 0.3 or 0.5W (depending on a type). They are intended for a DIN rail assembly or they can also be mounted on a wall by means of a plastic adapter plate. Adjustable output voltage in arrange of 12-15V or 24-28,8V enables to adjust the source exactly to your needs.
„Universal power source should also have a universal input“ – such a slogan could be said even about the TPC series, because an input voltage can be AC or even DC in a wide range (85-264VAC/ 90-375VDC). To the versatility of use also contributes a „Power good“ output, low ripple and noise, as well as an overload and shortcut protection. Also available is the optional TPC-REM240 module for a parallel and redundant operation. As we are already used to at the Traco Power mark, the power sources have a whole set of international safety approvals and a housing made of a self-extinguishing plastic (UL94V-0) also contributes to a safe operation. Detailed information can be found in the TPC datasheet and in the short overview of Traco power supplies. In case of interest, please contact us at [email protected].
For more detail: Traco TPC120 will provide 120W economically and efficiently

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